Short Story: An Old Man's Search For Meaning

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It’s about one thirty in the afternoon as a mother goes down to the local pool with her five year old son because he cannot swim. As they are enjoying the weather a helicopter flies overhead and men on ropes start to fall from the sky. The two immediately dash out of there and try to get away. As they are escaping, one of the men shoots the young child with a tranquilizer to put him to sleep. Afraid for her child, the mother runs to try save him. In the helicopter a gunman focuses on his target. Ready, aim, fire and boom!! The man tells his pilot to land so that he can go and capture his prey.
Upon reaching the woman the malicious man with a machete slices off this mother’s nose, gouges her eyes, and takes her hands and feet as well. In victory he leaves but before he gets too far away he returns to put a locator in the child’s teeth for future use and then escapes. This young boy finally wakes up to see a dead carcass of what used to be his mother and is totally distraught. Five years later, the implanted locator is triggered because the young son is now of age to be hunted. History is now repeating itself and the son will suffer the same fate as his mother. This brutal activity is actually happening in our world today but with animals like the rhinoceros in South Africa and
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Its aim was to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants did not threaten their survival ( This agreement however did not reduce the poaching of these of animals. The numbers of Rhinos continue to decrease. In 1960 before the CITES agreement was passed, the number of Black Rhinos in Africa dropped significantly about from 100, 000 to approximately 4,800 today (Beech …). Even more disturbing, the Western Black species of rhinoceros was pronounced extinct in 2011 (Margot

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