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  • Harajuku Fashion Style Essay

    Harajuku is known by many as a youth fashion that has taken place in the streets of Tokyo since the late 80’s and early 90’s, currently Harajuku represents the distinct styles of dress in Japanese culture. In this research paper I will be attempting to deconstruct the Japanese street style and it’s influence on world wide dress. In the process of deconstructing Harajuku style (Lolita) I intend to discuss the origin of the street style, iconicity in the style, the style in it’s trickle down influence, and the discrete individuality expressed in this style. In this paper I also seek to furnish a thorough showing of Harajuku culture and the depict how pop culture has made a groundbreaking impact on youth ideals of Harajuku. As a young girl I was surrounded by Harajuku culture, I witnessed it in many anime series and even in…

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  • Influence Of Fashion Advertising

    power and evolution of marketing and advertising in contemporary fashion. Today, Marketing and branding play a crucial roles in the fashion industry; fashion marketing is the process of analyzing, developing and marketing current fashion trends to satisfy consumer needs. Today, a designer’s creativity expresses itself more than ever in the marketing than in the actual clothes.” (Fashion journalist Teri Agins) Fashion advertising is more than using magazines and T.V. ads; it also utilizes digital…

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  • Arthur Lazenby Liberty Brand Analysis

    ‘I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones’ - Arthur Lazenby Liberty. I have focused on this quote in particular for this essay as Liberty has been at the cutting edge of design and the decorative arts since 1875. Explore Liberty’s impact on British fashion then and now. In this essay I have looked at how Liberty’s became a fundamental part of the British Fashion Industry. From its origin as a company and how it has evolved and grown throughout the decades, to…

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  • Swot Analysis For Superdry

    Superdry is a contemporary fashion brand that has quickly taken over the fashion world. The British company is operating in a number of locations in the UK, but the fashion retailer also has franchises in Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. There are currently Superdry shop in 46 different countries. The Superdry brand is all about urban fashion. The high-quality products have a very unique style, which mixes vintage American styles with more modern Japanese-inspired graphics. It is very…

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  • Lolita Fashion Essay

    Clothing – Lolita Fashion Lolita Fashion is fashion sub culture which is based on the Victorian era of clothing, this fashion movement came out during the 90s in Japan as a form of radical street style, with the taste for the Hello Kitty cuteness like a doll with head gear, make up, ribbon & frilly skirt and lace. Lolita fashion is believed to be partly created as a movement against this growing trend. Followers of this fashion movement simply like to express themselves using the terms of cute…

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  • Western Influence On Japanese Fashion

    Introduction Japanese Fashion is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable aspects of the Japanese popular culture. Japanese fashion has come a long way from the traditional Kimonos that were worn in the past and today, kimonos are no longer the norm and are worn mostly on special occasions. People on the streets are dressed in all sorts of way that even going to school is like going to a fashion show for some. The various fashion expressed by individuals are seem to be influenced by Japanese…

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  • Kimono Case Study

    well-known Japanese traditional clothing, kimono has been taking a part of the Japanese people of how to fashion themselves. In Edo era, there were various ways to wear kimono, which made the women in that era wear the kimono to next level of creativity. The creativity in wearing the kimono has to be worn according to the local art and culture, with the touch of elegant. Surprisingly, not only for women, men were also need to style themselves, where they were well-known for chic-gentlemen…

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  • How Does Globalization Affect Children

    article of clothing? When was the last time you wore it? The industry of fashion has a more sinister story behind it than most people may realise, but the mistreatment and abuse of fashion industry workers cannot be heard. Asking the question of how our clothes are made and who makes it is simple enough, but would we as a society ever have thought that the people that make them for us live in extremely poor conditions? Children and Developing Countries are heavily impacted by globalization…

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  • Elim Chew Case Study

    1. OVERVIEW 1.1 Who is Elim Chew? Elim Chew is the founder and president of the popular streetwear brand, 77th street, and is currently a leading youth and young adults streetwear fashion and accessories retail chain. Chew started off with a humble shop at Far East Plaza, and have since established a firm footing in Singapore’s fashion industry. 77th Street eventually ventured into the market of Malaysia in a partnership, where it was later sold off and renamed. Currently, she…

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  • H & M And Zara Analysis

    4.0 Product Moreover, product is a product assortment, which the total number of product lines that a company offers to customers. H&M and ZARA both is the fast fashion industry, the product line of H&M and ZARA is same, which selling styling men, women and kids clothing worldwide. Both of this two brands have a same type of product categories such as tops, shorts, jackets, shoes, underwear, accessories and many more. H&M clothes use own design and more for street fashion in tend to younger…

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