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  • The Robin Hood Police Case Study

    missing parts. It’s said that serial killers usually take something of the victims, but I’m not convinced Echols, Baldwin or Misskelley would do anything like that. Also at the scene, no blood or weapons were found anywhere around the area. The day after the bodies were discovered, Damien Echols was questioned. A juvenile probation officer was on scene when the three bodies were discovered in “The Robin Hood Hills”. The officer said he had been following the actions of Damien Echols, a local student, stating that it was possible that he could be responsible for the act.(Sauls) After hearing about Damien, the police drew the idea that the crime could be related to Satanistic rituals or some sort of cult sacrifice. They went from having no suspects, to jumping on the bandwagon with the first possibility mentioned, it…

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  • Devil's Knot Character Analysis

    Vicki soon reported to officials that she’d gone with Damien and Jessie to an esbat, a devil-worshipping orgy in a field, where she witnessed about 10 youth, with faces and arms painted black, stripping and “touching each other”. Ultimately police brought in Jessie Misskelley for examination concerning the murders. Jessie was 17 and thought to be mildly retarded. Nonetheless a plain questioning became a full blown interrogation by police, in which Misskelley confessed. That confession was…

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  • Damien Echols

    Just imagine you being with your friends; and out of nowhere your parents getting a phone call from the police saying you were arrested for being part of a murder that you did not commit . As you are sitting there in a cold room with bars as a door that the world calls a jail sail. What 's going through your head at that time; will my parents believe me? Why did the police come after me? Who did they kill? How did they kill them? In May 5 ,1993 three teenagers were convicted of…

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  • Similarities Between Medea And Lysistrata

    prejudice of the community she lived in. Medea is described as “a clever woman, versed in evil arts” (283) and displays several cunning and manipulative actions, like deceiving most characters in the play, but she describes herself as an outcast, stating she is just “something he won in a foreign land” (254). The community that surrounds Medea now encourages the separation between her and them by referring to her as a “barbarian,” comparing her to the idea of a wild and uncivilized being and…

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  • Medea Feminist Analysis

    Women were meant to stay at home and do chores or other womanly things like sew and raise children. They were never expected to speak up when a man made a decision that they did not agree with. They were supposed to take the back seat to their husbands. Medea was different, she didn’t sit back and let her husband treat her as an object that could be left in the corner and forgotten. She took a stand helping Jason on his quest and took revenge on him when he betrayed…

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  • Guilt In Medea

    In Euripides play, Medea, Medea struggles internally of whether she should kill her children or not before finally coming to a decision. After the death of the king and the princess, Medea is faced with the choice between killing her own children or sparing them. She continually tells herself that she can save them and run to Athens for safety. However, that would mean leaving them in Corinth in the hands of the enemies. In her mind, if the kids were to die, she wanted it done by her own hands.…

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  • Medea's Revenge

    Jason, son of Aeson and great-nephew of Athamas, was sent on a quest by King Pelias to bring back the Golden Fleece as part of his three labors to gain back his rightful place at the throne of Iolcus. The goddess Hera wanted revenge on Pelias for not honoring her, so she asked Jason to bring back Medea, daughter of Aeetis, as a means to bring down Pelias. Along with the help of the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros, Jason was able to bring Medea back to Iolcus, after she committed several acts…

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  • Medea Heroism Analysis

    is to go on a quest and complete it. While every other hero had a maiden’s help with Jason it felt like Medea did all the work and he was the front of the operation. Not only that but Jason seems to despair whenever laid with an impossible task, something other heroes seem to pride themselves to being able to accomplish and Medea had to be there to morally support him to do it. Even after disparity hit again because he was going to go home empty handed she not only helped him steal the Golden…

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  • Medea Betrayal Theme

    After reading the Introduction of Medea, multiple themes begin to emerge. The most prominent theme is betrayal. Medea’s husband, Jason, betrays her when he abandons her and takes another wife. Medea feels a hatred for Jason and wants him to “pay” for the pain he has caused her. But Medea also betrays her children. Mothers are supposed to care for their children and do everything they can to make sure their children live and have the best life possible. Medea betrays her children by not living up…

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  • Does Medea Love Creon

    vulnerability of three foolish men: Jason, Creon, and Aegeus to further her agenda. With manipulation, brutality, and scheming Madea successfully pinpointed and took advantage of each man’s weakness. Although it is perceived that Jason, the father of Medea’s sons, married Creusa for selfish reasons, Jason insisted that he did it out of his children’s best interest. His sacrifices for his children make it obvious that Jason somewhat cares for his sons. Medea discovers Jason’s love for their…

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