Essay on Why Did The Police Come After Me? How Did They Kill Them?

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Just imagine you being with your friends; and out of nowhere your parents getting a phone call from the police saying you were arrested for being part of a murder that you did not commit . As you are sitting there in a cold room with bars as a door that the world calls a jail sail. What 's going through your head at that time; will my parents believe me? Why did the police come after me? Who did they kill? How did they kill them?

In May 5 ,1993 three teenagers were convicted of three murders are Damien Echols was 18 Jason Baldwin was 16 and Jessie Misskelley was 17: and one of them was ordered to serve a life time in prison . Echols who was sentenced to death. That involved three boys from West Memphis. They were an easy target for so many reasons like them being different, also I can recall that the people said that he worshiped the devil. They say that the kids went out for a bike ride. At a point thru their journey in their bikes they were murdered. The three kids that were murdered were Steve Branch , Chris Byers, and Michael Moore they were all in second graders at a Elementary . All three of them were in boy scout . They were sexually mutilated and beaten left to die according to the documentary of The West Memphis Three. But with today the accuracy of DNA and the lake of physical evidence: and a new possible suspect and the questions about the police interrogations show that the three convicted teenagers are be innocent after all.


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