Damien Echols

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Just imagine you being with your friends; and out of nowhere your parents getting a phone call from the police saying you were arrested for being part of a murder that you did not commit . As you are sitting there in a cold room with bars as a door that the world calls a jail sail. What 's going through your head at that time; will my parents believe me? Why did the police come after me? Who did they kill? How did they kill them?

In May 5 ,1993 three teenagers were convicted of three murders are Damien Echols was 18 Jason Baldwin was 16 and Jessie Misskelley was 17: and one of them was ordered to serve a life time in prison . Echols who was sentenced to death. That involved three boys from West Memphis. They were an easy
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A teen girl confessed that she overheard Echols at a softball game in May 1993, describing he murdered three young boys.Jessie Misskelley confessed to the murders but Misskelley’s defense attorney stated that his client was slow and mentally, and simply told the police what they wanted to hear. Jessie was taken to the West Memphis Police Department for questioning. According to The Real West Memphis Three he was being questioned for the reason being that he was friend with Damien Echolls. Jessie was given a polygraph exam,( lits a lying dicter ). Also in the documentary that show a knife that was found but that knife did not have any finger prints of any kind . They tell Jesse they will give hime a $35,000 if he helps out the the case according to The West Memphis Three Trials: An Account By Douglas O. Linder. But yet the DR. said ‘‘Could have been made from this knife’’. Only the skin of the pinnes was taken off . Then they did a bite test of the three teen and that showed it showed that it was not them. Echols ' defense team pointed out that there is no physical evidence linking the three states in the article by David Mattingly and Karin

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