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  • The Liberal Class

    and many of his readers may agree and/or understand, he provides no evidence to prove this in any way. Therefore I have difficulty following or agreeing with his arguments on the matters of the liberal class and its faults according to Hedges. Another area of focus is yet another inevitable death, according to Hedges and his subject of interview, Jaron Lanier. The Internet, he claims, will be the death of modern society’s sense of individuality. Digital collectivism, the culture established through the Internet’s global connectivity, is interfering with authentically creative individuals’ personal revenue and rightful credit. Journalism, art and other forms of creative expression and outlets of social awareness have fallen to nothing more than anonymously regurgitated social media jargon. At the end of the book, literally within the last eight pages, Hedges haphazardly speaks on a dying society at the virtual hands of the internet. He argues that the internet has become another corporate weapon against the liberal class, more specifically attacking “true” journalism and creativity. According to Hedges and his source, Jaron Lanier, the internet is obliterating the “values of truth and beauty [and condemning society’s] most creative and moral people to poverty and obscurity” (Hedges 214) because information is so easily shared and unattributed. He also declares that the spread of information through the internet – for free, that is – deteriorates the cultural sense of…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of Technology

    Intrapersonal skills (nonverbal and verbal skills) are skills that help us in day-to-day life interact with others in person. It has gotten to the point where people no longer sit down and have a conversation. It is now all texting and video chatting. When people come together for a social event they all have their phones glued to their hands constantly enthralled with the technology they are grasping. It is just like Author Jaron Lanier stated at the end of the video, people who stay constantly…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality Technology

    virtual reality glove called Data Glove, which gave a better interactivity in a VR environment. The keyboard and mouse is not a good choice for VR interaction considering that human eyes can only see computer simulated images. Based on that, the perfection of the same kind of technology is an important task at present, especially in some special situations, such as surgical training. Using a glove-type input device is better than other conventional controllers. In 1985, Jaron Lanier founded a…

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  • Online Higher Education's Individualist Fallacy By Johann Neem

    Many techno utopists proclaim that computers are becoming smarter, more humans, but Lanier wonders whether that is because we tend to reduce our human horizon to interact with our machines. This certainly is one of the dangers of online higher education “(Neem 104). This is a logical fallacy that seems strong at first, but alternately do not make sense. In addition, the author is using an expert opinion as evidence. The expert opinion tend to use hasty generalization at the end of this opinion…

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  • Garreau: The Pursuit Of Human Enhancement

    Eves) to the fact that transcending our current definition of “human” culturally as well as biologically with technology is a rapidly developing possibility that many may grow hesitant around but at the same time deeply desire, eager to see what will follow what we know as “human”. Overall, time will tell if our search for transcendence causes more harm than progress to human nature. The inevitable frontier of human enhancement has the power to strengthen and deepen our existence, but also the…

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  • Art Project Proposal

    PREPARATION To build a theoretical structure upon which an application with intrinsic value can coalesce requires dedication, patience, and a curious mind. In order to allocate the appropriate time required by a project that calls for both theoretical framework and a utilitarian approach, I formed a specialized team to better fulfill this project: • Acting as the theorist of the project, co-leader Robert Riglietti has consulted with his advisor Dr. Ian Reyes, a professor of communication…

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  • Virtual Reality Research Paper

    invented the stereoscope which creates a sense of immersion by viewing two 2-dimensional pictures of the same view as a 3-dimensional scene. Through the 18th century to the 20th century, various devices have been invented, multiple by Morton Heilig. One such device was the first Head Mounted Display, the Telesphere Mask in 1960 with stereoscopic 3D and sound. The first head mounted display connected to a computer was invented in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull. However, it was too bulky…

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