Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality Technology

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The purpose of the literature review is to familiarize readers with three background information related to the research topic. Section 2.1 presents the relevant details of the history of virtual reality technology, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology and its applications. Section 2.2 explains in detail about how VR technology can be used in the medical eld and what kind of things and bene ts can be done. Section 2.3 reviews the disruptive innovation theory, which helps understand the current market situation, such as how a non-renowned startup can develop and grow into a market leader.
2.1 Virture reality
2.1.1 History of virtual reality
Virtual reality is the core technology in the research question. In order to
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Nowadays most of the VR device looks like that old device. The Sword of Damocles displays a 3D cube frame, and the viewing angle of this cube frame will change accordingly when the user moves his head. That is a remarkable achievement for a 50 years old system. A mechanical linkage head position sensor and an ultrasonic sensor have been used to capture the position of the head. Two di erent cathode ray tubes (CRT) display slightly di erent images with di erent eyes so that a good stereopsis can be created. This old HMD prototype also a ected the future development of VR helmet.
Sometimes, the development of one technology must rely on the development of other related technologies. As mentioned above, the virtual reality technology needs cross technologies. A powerful computer can o er a better performance of VR. High-resolution displays can improve the immersive experience. Small and sensitive sensors can reduce the size of the device. Therefore, in order to review the history of the virtual reality technology, it is necessary also to mention some key products in related

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