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  • Personal Narrative-Julia's Home

    Julia took another large sip of her white wine. The date she was one—the fourth date in the span of a week—was proceeding at a pace Julia perceived as very slow. She looks down at her phone to check the time, and sees it has only been a minute since her date—Claude—left to take a phone call. “Gods and goddesses, please make this more bearable,” Julia grumbled underneath her breath seconds before her date appeared again at their table. “So, where was I?” Claude asked, returning to his seat,…

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  • The Revealing Light: A Short Story

    The halls had once been crowded at the Church of the Revealing Light. During times of war, people were naturally drawn to the church, like moths to a flame. The memories still throbbed in the back of Vect’s mind, a time when warlords drowned nations in blood and engines of war marched the land. It was a time when people gave his church thanks and gifts rather than scorn and ridicule, but that was decades ago. When the fighting was over, the victor of that great conflict took power. While peace…

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  • Cookie Monstar's Executive Summary

    Cookie Monstar’s Desserts and Ice Cream is a family owned dessert and Ice Cream shop. The shop is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, adjacent to the main entrance of Naval Air Station Oceana. This family owned business originated from an in home family kitchen that provided homemade family deserts and ice cream to local military families of deployed service members. These hand crafted desserts and ice cream flavors are popular during the holidays, special occasions and peak tourist’s season.…

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  • Andy Warhol And Roy Rinstein Analysis

    by Sadaja Oliver 4th block Pop art is a 1950s art movement that began in Britain. In the late 1950s pop art started in the United States. The term pop art refers to the artist’s attitude behind his or her art. It is sometimes referred to as the reaction to abstract expressionism. The people that started the pop art trend in Britain were Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton. Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns started it in the United States. Pop art has been used in many…

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  • Heavy Metal Musical Genres

    The sound of the band starting, the scream of the vocals and the cheers of the audience all around. Heavy metal is a mainstay in the music industry since its start in the 60's and 70's, with bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath leading the way. Since the beginning of heavy metal many critics have disapproved and wrote it off as a musical genre. Against the odds of surviving as a genre the heavy metal scene won and is still a popular genre with many from teens to to adults all over the world…

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  • Norman P Rockwell Research Paper

    Today, many different genders walk into many different work offices every morning , you can usually work somewhere in any line regardless of your gender, this was not always the case.The main reason that women were able to sufficiently flood into the male dominated workforce is because of the amount of men gone to the war. This is very true, but another cause was from the works of a Norman P. Rockwell. A question many ask is “how was he able to do this?” Well he did it with only a brush,some…

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  • The Indigo Girls Essay

    branched off from alternative music. Alternative pop/rock is a catch-all term for post-punk bands from the mid-1980’s and mid-1990’s. Since there are a variety of musical styles within alternative rock, all of them tie together and exist outside of the mainstream. Most alternative pop/rock bands signed onto independent labels in the 80’s. However, they did not receive as much support as the mainstream acts that were on major labels. Soon enough, alternative pop/rock began to be marketed as…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Of Andy Warhol And Roy Lichtenstein

    Russia, was Pop Art. Pop Art was a way for modern artist to challenge what tradition told them, and to be able to create a parallel where art could be included in such things as advertisements and posters. Pop Art made it acceptable for art work to be copied or for people to use other artist’s work inside their own. Pop Art often included things that were of no relations to the topic or the title of the work of art, yet people still loved it because of the attitude…

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  • 1960s Pop-Art Culture: Marisol's Tea For Three

    Marisol tied ropes around her waist and walked on her knees until they started to bleed all in emulation of saints and martyrs. Marisol’s father had a great influence on her in the beginning of her career (“Marisol Escobar- Biography”). 1960s pop-art culture found Marisol as one of its members, this increased her popularity and recognition. While she attended school, one of her mentors was Hans Hofmann. Marisol once stated Hofmann was “the only teacher I ever learned…

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  • Dane Cook Research Paper

    Dane Cook Net worth Biography & Wiki: Dane Cook is an American stand- up comedian and film actor whose net worth is S30 million. ‘Retaliation’ is one of the best and high rated comedy album of his. He was born on March 18, 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. he is one of the first comedians to create a fan age to build a large number of fan base for him. As an actor, his works were brilliant gaining applause and recognition. He was raised in Arlington where he attended Arlington High School.…

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