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  • Andy Warhol Biography

    Andrew Warhola or famously known as Andy Warhol was one of the most popular painter, printmaker, and filmmaker of his time. Andy’s art was mostly directed towards the pop culture public. People who really took interest in his art were Hollywood’s famous actors and actresses. Also people of modern ideas and innovators really sprung towards his style. He grew up in a very religious family that spent most of their time in church. His parents were Slovakian immigrants and Andy was the youngest of…

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  • Female Pop Music Essay

    Female pop stars have been a force to reckon with within the modern music industry and have dominated music charts around the globe. Each female pop star creates her own unique sounds, lyrics and catchy music to entice a fan base to follow them. However, are female pop stars really that different? Jennifer Lena argues in "Chapter 2: Three Musics, Four Genres: Rap, Bluegrass and Bebop Jazz" that "music histories are full of hints that there is a pattern to the evolution of communities of sound"…

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  • AGO Exhibition Analysis

    The AGO exhibition for the Super Real: Pop Art from the AGO collection presented a variety of artwork from large silkscreen image to a cardboard burger sculpture sitting in the middle of the space. The exhibition has a small collection but has iconic pieces that are central to the story of the pop art movement of the 1960s. The works that stood out the most is the Andy Warhol’s 1963 Elvis I and II silkscreen painting. It showed 2 Elvis’ on one side with colour, then another 2 Elvis’ on one side…

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  • Disclosure Argumentative Essay

    and art, for this is a deep house cut. Take a listen to the subdued but punchy beats, the washes of synths that fade in and out. It’s like Pepe Bradock’s “Deep Burnt” (an unquestionable house classic) reimagined for the 2010s, with a Disclosure-esque pop spin on it. Truthfully, it’s brilliant, giving “Help Me Lose My Mind” a run for its money as Disclosure’s best song to date.…

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  • Zootopia And Labeling Theory

    “A rumor, is a specific (or topical) proposition for belief, passed along from person to person, usually by word of mouth, without secure standards of evidence being present” (Allport, Postman, 1965, p. ix).This quote is quite notable and important when relating it with the main theory to be discussed for the purpose of this paper, which is labeling theory. How? Both a rumor and a label require no scientific proof for them to be used. To clarify, a rumor as well as a label could be based off…

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  • Ac/Dc Concert Review Essay

    consider this a humanities experience because AC/DC is a rock band and rock music is a form of art. Rock music was developed in the 50’s and 60’s and was a huge element to the humanities movement of the 20th century. Through its expression of “youth culture” dancing, sexual freedom, and rebellion made one of the greatest musical movements in history. My experience at the concert started when we got to Wrigley field, walking through the gate people were everywhere as we (Tom and Tom’s dad) made…

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  • Claes Thure Oldenburg

    Claes Oldenburg Who is Claes Oldenburg? Claes Thure Oldenburg is an American sculptor, painter, and pop artist, known as the, “reigning king of Pop sculpture since the early 1960’s.” Claes Oldenburg was born on January 28, 1929 in Stockholm, Sweden. Son of Gösta Oldenburg and Sigrid Elisabeth; due to his father being a member of the Swedish foreign service, Claes and his family moved quite often. Brother of Richard Oldenburg a well-known art historian whom of which was director of the Museum of…

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  • Jackson Pollock's Abstract Art

    Abstract art took centre stage and provided novel experience for the viewer. Leading exponent of the movement was Jackson Pollock who used a stick and dripped paint onto the canvas or sometimes splattered it directly from a can to create seemingly random patterns. People found it difficult to understand his works and hence the nick name “Jack the Dripper”. His most important work remains Blue Poles (1952). Other exponents of abstract art were Lee Kransner, wife of Pollock who created Cool…

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  • Mannville Narrative: A Short Story

    A Mother In Mannville Narrative He has a mother. She left him. What kind of sick person would deprive a child from having a family. It probably wouldn't have been the best family, but it would've been his. While I was still trying to process what Jerry had told me, he spoke. "Did something happen? Are you okay?" His eyes focused on me. "Yes, sorry. I just lost my train of thought," I lied. I, not wanting to continue talking about his mother, quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, I want…

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  • Pop Art Vs Abstract Expressionism

    Two of the most unique and influential new art movements of the twentieth century were pop art and abstract expressionism. While they both emerged roughly ten years apart, in the 1950’s and the 1940’s respectively; on the surface they’re two vastly different though, in reality they are more alike than they may seem. Abstract expressionism is what most would think of when they hear the words “abstract art.” When you first look at a work of abstract expressionism there seems to be no…

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