What Is The Prologue Of Carson's P. O. V?

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Chapter sixteen
***Carson 's P.O.V***
"Oliver, wanna come with me to grab something from my locker?" I asked him, before gym.
He nodded, smiling. He stood up and took my hand as we walked to the locker rooms. As soon as we got there he had me pinned against a locker and was slamming his lips to mine. I smiled, but kissed back.
"I told you they were fucking!"
I pulled away and saw Cassidy and Dave. Cassidy had rolled her eyes at his statement and smiled. Oliver turned around and hugged me and kissed my forehead, chuckling slightly.
Cassidy snorted and we all heard high pitched squeals.
Oliver laughed at the ReedWood fans. "I thought you guys had forgotten about us."
The leader of their club grinned. "We 'll never forget you guys. You 've
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"Go have fun, babe."
He nodded and ran off to the centre of the game. He was so into the game and he was smiling, making me smile too.
"Reed, stop checking out Oliver and get into the game." Coach yelled at me.
I looked at him. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."
I walked in and almost fell over. Coach sighed. "Carson, you be goalie."
The game stopped and everyone looked at me as I walked to the other free goal. Suddenly I saw Jeremy come up with a ball and kicking it to his one of his gang members and who kicked it back to Jeremy. He smirked and booted the ball. I tried turning around and walking back, but I felt it hit the back of my head. I recovered in a couple of seconds and got up, holding my head and turning around.
All I saw was Jeremy on the ground and Dave and Oliver punching him. Coach ran in and pulled Dave off as I pulled Oliver off.
He turned around, noticing me and my expression. His face fell. "No, oh my god. I 'm sorry, babe, I didn 't mean to upset you."
Dave who had been pulled off by Coach, stared at us, worried.
I growled at Oliver. "No, you need to stop it. Jeremy hurts me. So what? You hurt me too. And you don 't seem to remember that fact."
I waited for an answer from him, but instead he walked
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I pouted. "I need to find him."
She nodded and I walked down the hallway trying to find him. I heard crying in a classroom and walked to see an empty room and Oliver sitting on top of a desk, crying into his arms that he had wrapped around his legs that were pulled to his chest.
I suppressed a sigh and walked over to him, placing my hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me. "Oh, uh hey. How 's it going? I just left cause I got some allergies."
I almost cried at how broken he looked. His eyes were puffy and his expression was depressing. "Love, you don 't have to pretend that I didn 't hurt you, because I did and I was stupid. I was wrong. Of course I have forgiven you. You 're perfect."
He shook his head. "Really, um it 's okay. I 'm good. Damn hay fever season."
I sat down and pulled him into my arms and he sighed. "I 'm sorry, Car. I shouldn 't have hurt Jeremy. I 'm just like him."
I shook my head and kissed his own forehead. "No, you 're not. It 's my fault. I just don 't want you to feel like you have to stand up for me. I was just fine before you came along."
His expression fell again and his eyes watered. My eyes widened as I realized what I had said. "No, I didn 't mean it like

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