Essay: Crap, I Slept In Way Too Late?

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“Crap, I slept in way too late.”
At the beginning of the week, Leah Davis told herself she would wake up early and go shopping. Her fridge was almost empty and she was working long hours every day. She had gone to bed at 11:30 last night and forgot to set her alarm. Now it was 10:30 ‘Whatever’ she thought ‘I deserve a break. I’ve worked so hard, I totally deserve this.’ With that she got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and took a shower. Thirty minutes later she walked out of her apartment and drove to the city. New York was always busy at this time. People driving to work, going shopping and whatever else they did. She went to a restaurant for breakfast since she didn’t have any when she woke up. After she finished her bagel with Philadelphia
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You look familiar but I see a lot of people every day
Lucas looked her deep in the eyes and asked. “Is your name Lena?”
“Leah. Um, how do you know me?” Leah asked
“I think we went to middle school together.”
Leah thought really hard and suddenly remembered him. “Yeah, um, Lucas, yeah I remember you now. You were the kids with all those allergies right?
“Yup, yeah that was me. Still is, sadly. You were the one everyone wanted to be around.”
Leah looked down getting all shy. “Yeah, that was me, but I’m glad it’s not like that anymore.”
“How come? If you don’t mind my asking.” He said
“Well,” Leah said “I just didn’t need all the attention. So what’s new with you?”
“Well, I still have all those allergies. I’m a paramedic and I live about 10 minutes away from here.” He said
Leah really had to tilt her head upward. He was really tall. Then she said, “Ok, I live 15 minutes from here.”
They sat down and kept talking. In the middle of middle school, Lucas had moved and hour away from the school they went to so he couldn’t stay. Lucas was allergic to a lot of things including peanuts, oranges, dust and a whole bunch
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When she was done all of her shopping she stopped by a yard sale. Walking around the yard, she saw and antique pot that looked very interesting. Something about it was very different. Finally, after she stared at it for the longest time, she decided to buy it and then went home. When she got home she put the pot in the center of her coffee table and went to see if she could find anything to eat. Once she found what she wanted she went and sat on the couch, turned on the TV and found something that looked interesting and scary. Halfway through, her phone made a sound saying she got a text. Obviously it had to be right at a really scary part. She looked at the screen and saw Lucas’ name. She read the text which

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