Narrative Essay On The Lone Turkey

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The Lone Turkey
“I can’t believe you guys drug me out here for Mother’s Day,” Mom whines as she pulls on her camo clothes. I can tell she is uncomfortable, as she usually dresses professionally for her job as a court reporter. “How come I can’t have a normal Mother’s Day, you know sleeping in and having my boys cook me breakfast and bring it to me in bed,” she continues, knowing that if she hadn’t come with that she would be alone for the day.
“Well why wouldn’t you come out and enjoy a day in the river breaks?” Dad says. “You sure as hell won’t make any memories sleeping in. It’ll probably be a Mother’s Day you’ll never forget.”
I can tell that Dad is bothered by how long it is taking Mom to put on her hunting clothes, maybe more irritated
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I jump up and sprint to the cloud of feathers just ten yards, if even that, in front of me. I see the turkey, struggling to grasp what had just happened, jumping in all directions and wandering like a chicken with his head cut off.
“DON’T WORRY I GOT HIM!!” Bridger screams in excitement as he chases the turkey down into the breaks to retrieve the now lifeless turkey.
“Are you shitting me?!” Dad asks still in disbelief as he and Mom emerge from the cedar trees. “I have never seen such a thing in the thirty-eight years of hunting turkeys. Once in a lifetime deal!”
Bridger surfaced over the crest of the hill carrying a turkey about as big as himself. “Dang Cade!” he says, “Mines still probably bigger though.”
“I can’t figure out why it takes you guys all day to hunt, this was easy,” Mom said with a clueless face. “You guys barely make it back before sunset and complain about walking all day, it hasn’t even been twenty minutes since we have left the
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Bridger is too young to understand the fact that hunting isn’t a game. Sam is both too young and too city to understand what just happened. Bridger is telling stories and mumbling on about something to Sam and Mom, but Dad and I are just taking it all in. It’s something that I can’t ascribe to thought, belief or emotion. We look at each other, still astonished, and nod to one another showing that we both understand what the other is thinking. Never again will that happen to either one of us, and to have the opportunity for such an extraordinary hunt is truly a remarkable blessing to have for my family and

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