Personal Narrative: The Day I Killed My First Deer

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One icy November morning in the year 2013, I killed my first deer; the experience taught me that nothing worth having in life comes easy or without work. There were many trials and tribulations leading up to this milestone accomplishment in my life. As a little kid, (8-11 years old) I was just as energetic as I am today. However, if you know anything about deer hunting, you know that it requires complete and total silence. I did not quite get that concept when I was younger. Whenever my father and I would go hunting, I would always scare the deer off because I was either talking too much, or rustling too much in the blind. This frustrated me.

Since I was a little kid, I had always wanted to kill a deer. I had seen my father
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It felt like we waited in that ground blind forever! We finally went to go look below the hill, and into the field. To my surprise, the field was barren! I expected the deer to be laying in the field in front of us, where we could have easily gotten her out with no problem. That was not the case. My father and I looked around the whole field, into the tree lines and everything. This deer had disappeared! I grew more angry and impatient as time went on looking for this deer. I was for certain that I had missed the shot, and threw my opportunity away. “Let’s just keep on looking,” dad would …show more content…
We will go back to where you shot her and see if there is a blood trail,” dad said. This encouraged me. I got up and wandered over to where I thought the deer was when I shot her. “Look! There’s some blood right here,” I exclaimed. One blood spur led to another. Soon we found ourselves following a blood trail into the woods to the side of the field. We track about twenty yards into the woods when my dad points in between some trees, and looks at me and says, “Look right there son! There she is!” My dad and I both start screaming and celebrating. I will never forget that

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