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  • Internship Reflection Essay

    Through the course of my internship I feel I have become more confident in my career path. I have found that unlike many of the options I have focused on in the past teaching and working with children day after day is something that I do not tire of, in fact I find myself constantly enjoying it. My worldview seems to be unchanged, the impact of my internship seems to be been a more personal one. With that in mind I am able to look at my value set once again and reassess what I found to be true…

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  • Hindalco Internship Summary

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:- The main objective of this internship is to fulfill the requirement of the BBA program as decided by the Amity University. An intern has to prepare a project report at the end of the internship period. The main objective of the internship is to get the hands-on experience of the real world organization. The internship was completed with the objective of getting practical knowledge in the HR department of Hindalco Industries and also working on the main topic which was…

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  • Marketing Internship Summary

    The NFBD Marketing Internship allowed for a multitude of different tasks which can be broken down to marketing, management experience, customer service, social media management, sales, coaching, and facility management. Despite being a youth organization, the internship experience provided by NFBD was like working for several departments of a professional sports team due to the very similar tasks involved with branding, social media, providing customer service, event planning, etc. The…

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  • Internship Reflection Paper

    During the first seven weeks of the internship, there have been many valuable skills learned. There are 3 large and valuable skills that have been learned during this time. The first skill learned is how to take an assessment and create an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan. I have had experience creating comprehensive and individualized treatment plans while in classes but has been a valuable skill to learn to do this based off of a real patient assessment. The second skill learned…

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  • The Internship Movie Essay

    Celene Coleman Penryn College Business movie review The Internship Released: 7 June 2013 Directed by: Shawn Levy Lead actors: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Max Minghella, Aasif Mandvi, Josh Brener, Dylan O’Brien, Tobit Raphael Tiya Sircar and Jessica Szohr. Summery of the movie The Internship directed by "insert name" follows the lives of two close friends Billy, who is played by Vince Vaughn, and Nick, played by Owen Wilson. These two are old friends and salesmen…

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  • Internship Fair Reflection

    I am writing to you today to inform you about my experience at the Sothern New Hampshire University Internship Fair held on campus on Wednesday February 17th, 2016. I intend to talk about my overall experience, what I noticed/ learned while there, as well as how the Internship Fair helped to further develop my articulation of the SNHU Business Competency, Professional Communication as well as my overall professionalism in a competitive business environment. First off, I wanted to inform you that…

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  • Summary: Internship Program

    For the internship program I signed up for seven interviews and received six of them. Six was a great number of interviews; it was not an overwhelming amount but it was enough to pick the right firm. Many different factors came into the process of selecting which firm I would want to interview with such as friends, Beta, and location of the firm. There was also many different resources that I took advantage of to help prepare for my interviews. When decided what type of firm that I wanted…

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  • Summary: Internship At Iava

    Internship at IAVA Intro The time I spent interning on “The Hill” has made me appreciate the education I receive from my home institution of Ball State University. This experience as further enhanced my understanding of political organizations and the base definition of politics provided by Dr. Brandon Waite in POLS 237, “Politics is who gets what, when, and how”. Over the summer I realized that it is impossible to accommodate every program and bureaucratic budget through the 1.1 trillion dollar…

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  • Minerva's Internship Experience

    My internship took place in Sioux City, Iowa, at a local restaurant that goes by the name of Minerva’s. Minerva’s has multiple locations, where it started in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The restaurant itself is considered an Americano, which serves a variety of dishes from different cultures. The position in which I worked was in the back of the kitchen. I did not get the chance to work on the line as much was I would have liked, where the plates are put together, during my internship. I mainly…

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  • Paid Internship Report

    etc can affect the employment rate (Justitia par 8). Another key factor is unpaid internships, and the Fair Work Ombudsman. What the Fair Work Ombudsman is meant to do is hold organizations accountable for properly paying those who are taking internships. One of the FWO allegations is that unpaid work in an internship is considered volunteer work, and that should not be the case. Those who are employed for an internship should be properly paid for their time and effort (Justitia par 22).…

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