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  • Importance Of Internship At Mandalay Sports Media

    Just a month before school ended a friend of mine sent me an email about an internship at a sports media company called Mandalay Sports Media. After doing some research about the company and its background I was excited and eager to find out about the opportunity. I received an email address and sent an email about my interest. A few weeks later I was told I would be able to join the Mandalay team as a summer intern. Sports has always been my passion and learning a new facet about the sports…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship At Florida State University

    well as the time I spent interning at Mad Men Marketing this summer. Yes, there are a lot of classes that are required as prerequisites that in no way, shape, or form correlated to the skills needed to understand and complete various tasks at my internship, but at the same time I firmly believe that having some background in a variety of subjects is crucial in understanding the world and becoming a well rounded intellectual. As my junior year of college came to a close this…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship With The Binghamton Tennis Charities

    Working for the Binghamton Tennis Charities, I gained experiences working within the sports industry. The first part of my internship consisted of going out in the Binghamton area and trying to sell sponsorship packages to local businesses. This was much more difficult than I originally thought it was going to be. Since I am not from the Binghamton area, it made it even more challenging because I did not know the area and anyone who owned a business. I received a lot of no’s from people. However…

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  • Reflection Of An Internship At Elizabeth City State University

    Internships a vital to both, for both the student and employer. The student receives much needed experience, for the position. The employer gets the chance to see how the intern adapts to the work environment. Also, to see if intern is worth investing in, by employing them. An intern, like all employees, go through performance evaluations. Upon these findings, an intern can determine. His/her strengths and weaknesses, so he/she knows what areas that they need to improve. On occasions, Interns…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship Experience At The Quicken Loans Arena

    Introduction My internship experience at the Quicken Loans Arena was amazing I was extremely honored to get the opportunity to work as an intern for this organization since I already work at this organization as a GSR Ticket Taker. It really was a great experience for me and I can say thank you to the Quicken Loans Arena for allowing me to have this incredible experience. Organization Overview The Quicken Loans Arena, originally known as "The Q", is a multi-purpose arena downtown in Cleveland,…

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  • Journalism Intern 101

    get your minor out of the way or partake in the beloved internship. As soon as you set foot on campus, the importance of solid internships gets beaten into your brain as they are great on a resume, can build connections, and can even be for pay, but we never learned exactly what separates an average internship from a beneficial internship or even how to be a good intern. A lot of college students typically do not even know how many internships we need for an optimal résumé. What specific…

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  • Reflection Of A Site Supervisor On Camp Noah

    but the easiest way to motivate myself to amaze my Site Supervisor is to really enjoy what I’m doing. Focusing on the aspect of what position I’m holding and how the task required of me won’t make me enjoy my internship at Camp Noah. In order to find something interesting about my internship site I have to befriend someone in the office or the campground. Try to incorporate one of my passions from outside the office or the campground. When I enjoy what I do, the hard work I put in will seem like…

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  • Family Counseling Experience

    Interning at the Exchange Club Family Center throughout my fall semester has been an enriching experience. Deciding to intern with them has been one of the greatest decisions I have made as an undergraduate student, because I was able to gain first-hand experience in the counseling field. Being the only bilingual intern also gave me the opportunity to witness how family therapy is conducted since I was responsible for facilitating communication between the clinical counselor and our clients.…

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  • J1 Intern Personal Statement

    global industry and multicultural understanding--a purpose I know I must serve. And this was what drove me to fly 8,500 miles from the Pearl of the Orient to the Land of the Free. I am Jolina Chiong, currently in a hospitality and tourism management internship here at the Big Easy--New Orleans. It is a commendable collaboration of the U.S. Department of State, J1 Visa sponsors, and host organizations to establish this program as a platform for cultivating young professionals through…

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  • Bone Tiger Research Paper

    feeling of building this relationship matched the feeling of being inches from the jaguar. Knowing that this animal trusted me enough to carry it around on my arm was truly an amazing feeling. Overall, this internship was extremely rewarding. It is what inspired me to look for other internships that would allow me to gain more experience for my future…

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