Jonathan Benedek Case Study

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I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonathan Benedek. Mr. Benedek is also known as the Senior Director of Marketing for Indiana University Athletics. As the Senior Director of Marketing his main responsibilities focus on two main ideas of: the fan experience of going to athletic event and the basic marketing concepts of athletic events. The first main topic of the fan experience is focused on the free giveaways that happen at some events, the halftime entertainment and many more things. The marketing concepts that he is often focused on are more of the billboards, radio ads, social media advertising and other things as well.
To accomplish the goals of having a great attendance rate at sporting events and having the fans enjoy the experience at the event, Jonathan works with a team of other assistant directors of marketing and
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With those skills, he often also looks for certain skills in interns in example: a positive attitude, cooperation, being able to manage responsibilities quickly, and initiative to do more. He also looks to see if the intern has been involved professional activities rather than just the student life but is also not afraid to get of the comfort zone and explore or try new options. Interns are often needed to not have lazy or bad habits both in the classroom and in the workplace. In conclusion, Jonathan expressed that he does think this field is rapidly growing but with the growth it is getting more competitive. Employers are looking for individuals that have had the professional experience (part-time job, internships, clubs, etc.) but also the hardworking attribute and the ability to be flexible with the responsibilities given. Jonathan said if there is passion and dedication to the sports industry then there is no reason on why someone couldn’t make it into the field with the correct resume and

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