Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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As an upcoming college athlete I think it would be a huge advantage to be paid. Why should college athletes be paid to play sports. There are many reasons to why it would benefit a college athlete. Some of these reasons are good and some are bad. Many believe that paying athletes can result in many good outcomes for not only the athlete but the college that athlete plays for. But some believe that paying an athlete results in only bad thing for each the franchise and athlete. Athletes participate in sports, have a jammed schedule, have no time for jobs and the sport is an athlete 's job, being paid teached budgeting as well, but on the other hand being paid does not always result in the best for an athlete.

In the first place colleges should pay
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With all the trips and time consuming activities. If an athlete has to travel far for a few days it could make the employer upset and fire you. Athletes now are expected to travel and have a sustaining job and income which is very hard. Being an athlete is a job because it takes up most of the day with the busy schedule they have. They barely have time for anything other than sports and school. An athlete goes from practice to classes back to practice and have to do homework after and then sleep. so they have no time for any other activities normally.

Schools deem it acceptable to miss school and work but not the other way around always so they should have some sort of compensation. Many athletes also attend school on scholarships and have no extra money for anything. Being paid can change that. Being a college athlete requires full commitment to the sport and everything with it. Practices, workouts, games make it hard to have any other activities. An athlete’s schedule doesn’t allow for a job with all of the jammed schedules. If payed it will reduce the need for jobs to support themselves by getting money for playing what they came to college to

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