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  • Top Five Strengths

    come look to you first because they know it will get done” (2007). I have seen this example of responsibility at my job as well as in my internship. Whenever there’s a task that needs to be done quickly at work I am one of the people that they first go to. I am extremely efficient and have been training new workers after a month of my employment. In my internship I am being responsible with my clients and daily tasks. However, being so open to always wanting to help can lead to taking on more…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career In The Sports Industry

    first two weeks are the first of any trimester or semester that instead of being enrolled in classes, I’m enrolled in an internship. This is definitely a change from the norm but at the same time it is exciting as well. It gives me the opportunity to use or observe some of the material that I have learned so far in my classes at Johnson & Wales in a real scenario. This internship allows me as well to gain much needed additional experience in the sports and athletics industry and will give me a…

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  • Homeland Security Reflection

    I have noticed both similarities and differences in my day-to-day working experience at START when compared to my previous internships. The most obvious similarity is that all three are government internships. As a Government & Politics major, this has always been greatly beneficial to me as I am able to constantly receive a practical sense of how different government/government-affiliated agencies operate. Another…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Microtime

    Working as an intern at Microtime was interesting. I experienced a lot there, some good things and some bad. I went there Mondays and Fridays from 9am to 5pm usually. A majority of my time was spent sitting around, cleaning, or catching up on my homework. I didn’t mind having little to do since I know that there are other intern and the technicians didn’t have time to teach. Everyone at Mircotime was nice, but also unprofessional. I don’t think it’s ok for coworkers to be fighting in front of…

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  • Alec Cannon Case Summary

    Alec gives a wrong choice can lead to regrettable failures between either having pay or gaining more real experience, which one is more importance for his long career. Alec needs to clearly define the goals and making the better choices during the internship at the school district. Management Concept: How Controls Make a Different Chpt: 16.1 Reason: This case is about how Christopher wants to lead a safety meeting by his own but his superiors do not currently approve it. Christopher wanted to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Sussex County Miner

    while other times the partnership stalls. The same can be said for a manager and their philosophy on how to run a business. I have been fortunate enough to work at multiple internships and jobs throughout my life and I give all of those experiences a lot of credit into molding me into the man I am today. However at each internship or job the environment I worked in was different. Eventually I started to realize that the culture of the company took the form of its manager. This summer I was…

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  • Importance Of My Relationship Experience

    I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to be a tax intern with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Atlanta, GA this spring. The beginning of my internship experience was a little different from the others because I was able to go to the National Championship in Arizona with an organization on campus that I am a member of. I was quite hesitant to ask for the time off because I was in fact an intern and I wanted to make the best impression possible. I emailed the manager that interviewed me and…

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  • Why Should Interns Be Unpaid?

    is a root of all kinds of evil.” Recent national debate has shown interns are starting to grow angry at the fact they are not receiving pay for their work. Internships are unpaid programs that help college students get involved in the working world and showcase their skills. Unpaid programs such as these can be very successful tools. Internships provide very important and unique opportunities that can pave the way for their success but do not deserve to be paid. Interns should not be paid…

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  • URENCO USA: A Case Study

    regulations given by the government. URENCO USA contributes in many ways to the local community and to education. 2. What skills do you want to gain from this internship experience?  I am a fresher and in that case, I really need a platform to convert my theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. I am confident that this internship will sharpen my leadership skills, increase my knowledge of the industry, and…

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  • First Believer Book Report

    sports for the majority of my life and it’s one of the things I’m most passionate about. When I grow up I imagine myself being a sports trainer or running my own gym for athletes to train in just like me. So for my may program I wanted to find an internship that could replicate this notion. From a friend’s recommendation I found first athlete, a sport’s training gym, to be the perfect fit and I knew it would teach me more about what goes on behind the scenes of training. I see myself as being a…

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