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  • Radiometric Reflection

    ArcGIS 10. 3. subsequently, summarized LU/LC, NDVI and LST map data were analyzed using excel. Zonal statistics as table is one of important methods that used to examine the correlation between LULC and LST. Spatial interpolation Spatial interpolation is the procedure of using points with known values to evaluate values at other unknown points. For instance, to map rainfall and temperature of given area based up on nearby weather station. In present study, meteorological data was used to interpolate and see the result and compare with the LST values that were done from Landsat thermal infrared bands. To interpolate rainfall and temperature data Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) interpolation method was used. Inverse distance weighted is one of the interpolation methods in which the sample points are weighted during interpolation such that the impact of one point to another with distance declines from the unknown point. Inverse Distance Weighted is the simplest interpolation method and deterministic models. Deterministic models include IDW, rectangular, natural neighbours and spine. Interpolation uses vector points with known values to estimate unknown locations to create raster surface covering an entire area (Legates and Wilmont, 1990). The advantages of IDW interpolations are: Different distances are integrated in the estimation The distance weighting is able to precisely regulate the impact of the distances It allows very fast and simple calculation Therefore, in…

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  • Ragnar Andersen's Elihu Speeches

    Andersen, the author of The Elihu Speeches: There Place and Sense in the Book of Job, examines the arguments of the critics who claim that the Elihu speeches are later interpolations, while simultaneously presenting the arguments of those, who like himself, argue that the Elihu speeches are original text in the book of Job. According to Andersen, Matthias Heinrich Stuhlmann, a Lutheran preacher, was the first person to include an argument against the originality of the Elihu speeches in his…

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  • The First Shell Theory: The Love-Kirchhoff-Love Model

    Layerwise Laminate theory has been developed by Reddy [Red1984] that provides a framework upon which any of the displacement-based, two-dimensional laminate theories can be derived. Based on this work, a layerwise shell theory that is capable of modeling three-dimensional kinematics in shells has been developed by Reddy [Red1992]. The Layerwise Shell Theory of Reddy (LWST) gives an accurate description of the displacement field. The three-dimensional displacement field is expanded as a function…

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  • Examples Of Query Likening Model In IR

    terms are contained in the document citep{ManningEtaAl2008}. In order to tackle such deficits, an effective smoothing approach is needed to balance the non-zero probabilities as weighting component and give a bit probability to unseen terms to avoid the zero probability of terms citep{zhai2004tois}. Several smoothing methods have been proposed. One of the simplest approaches is to combine the query and document language models in a linear smoothed interpolation function (or Jelinek-Mercer…

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  • Thermoelectric Effect Essay

    transport is known to degrade the heat flowing.2) Generally, the S for a semiconductor material can be defined by two contributions, the carrier diffusion Se and the phonon-drag Sph.7) It is known that Si has a large Sph as well as a high Se near room temperature, whereas Sph is very small in Ge. The reason is that in the middle and high temperature regions the phonon-drag effect strongly depends on temperature and is not significant. However, the physical origin for the variation in phonon-drag…

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  • Geographicly Weighted Regression Analysis

    The Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) method was used to interpolate climate characteristics at station level to spatial grids, generating both the interpolated value and the standard error estimation at each grid point. It is a localized regression based method widely used for spatial interpolation, accounting for the spatial inhomogeneity with spatially varying slopes and intercepts. At each prediction location, the GWR picks up nearby training data points and constructs a weighted…

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  • Heat Conduction Theory

    balancing the physical process. The effective heat conduction diameter ($D_{HC}$) of the equivalent sphere is defined by direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) \cite{Liu_2006_lowfluence} as following where the scaling parameters $ k_h $ and $ D_h $ can be written as in which $ \alpha $ is the thermal accommodation coefficient. The Liu version of McCoy and Cha model can be written as An extensive discussion about the McCoy and Cha method and its limitations can be found in \cite{liu2006}.…

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  • Shameless 'Pilgrims Intended' Analysis

    At the beginning of last semester, I started watching Shameless. Shameless, created by Paul Abbott and developed by John Wells, stars William Macy and Emmy Rossum. The series is successfully able to interpolate its audience and is successfully able to relate to people. The series focuses on many issues within the Gallagher family and messages can easily be perceived through interpolation, cultural analysis, queer analysis, rhetoric and Stuart Hall’s Encoding and Decoding essay. The “Just as the…

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  • Power In Weakness By Sze-Kar Wahn Analysis

    Corinthians with a focus on Paul’s rhetorical strategies and the various conflicts Paul has with the church. Before launching into the summary and critique of this book a brief synopsis reveals Wan’s interpretation of 2 Corinthians’ construction. After contextualizing the book, attention turns to the themes purported and the author’s thesis. In the end I offer my own opinion and thoughtful response to the author’s composition. I hope the reader gleans familiarity with this book and its…

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  • Flow Visualization Lab

    Airfoil is placed approximately 1 inch away from the tip of the nozzle. The height of the nozzle is then adjusted so that dye is injected on the middle of the front of airfoil. After 30 seconds, red dye is released and the pattern is recorded by cell phone camera (School of Mechanical Engineering, 2016). Results The measured temperature and kinematic viscosity of the water are listed in Table 1. Temperature of the water tunnel is measured by thermocouple at the beginning of the experiment.…

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