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  • Pedro Orrente's The Crucifixion

    to his lips on the end of a cane.” Saint John stands below the cross as the Virgin Mary and two companions arrive, mourning, while three soldiers at left gamble for Christ's tunic. The figure on the ladder is a particularly brilliant narrative interpolation. Christ is shown crucified between two thieves on the hill of Golgotha, outside Jerusalem, which is seen in the distance. A man has climbed a ladder and turns back to dip a sponge at the end of a pole into a bowl of vinegar to give Christ to…

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  • Cranioplasty Essay

    applications [13, 14, 19, 28], it uses the assumption of the ideal bilateral symmetry of the human skull [25]. Besides, mirroring is suitable only for the unilateral damage, and is unable to deal with bilateral defects. The another method uses surface interpolation, such as a Be´zier surface [5], to approximate the cranial hole and reconstruct a fitting surface. This surface method is an approximation…

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  • The Holy Bible: The Gospel Of Judas

    The New Testament of the Holy Bible is a collection of twenty-seven writings that have been deemed as canon by the early church. The term canon comes from the Greek word kanṓn representing a carpenter’s rule. The current list of books first appeared in a festal letter from Athanasius, the bishop of Alexandria, in 367. Athanasius wrote this letter in an attempt to clarify the true writings that defined the true message to the Christians of his period. Other Christian schools and sects followed…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Bedroom Scene Essay

    No one cares all that much about how Romeo found her bedroom window (Cut lines 79-84). I think the discussion between Romeo and Juliet on how he managed to find exactly the right place to find her was cut on the basis of repetition. Earlier in the scene its already established that he is risking a lot to be where he shouldn't be, and earlier still in the film we see Romeo ditch his friends in order to find the Capulet girl he kissed at the party. The audience knows he is guided by young love.…

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  • Pepsi Experiment Lab Report

    PROCEDURE: Hirko, R. Chemistry 112L General Chemistry I Laboratory, Ninth Edition; bluedoor: Minneapolis, 2015; Experiment 4. Trial P/ppm Abs @ 400 nm / AU Volume beverage / mla Volume dilution water / mla Total volume of diluted sample / mla P in soda / ppm 1 0 .001 2 1.333 .160 3 3.333 .280 4 6.667 .585 U1 2.560 .228 .870 45.610 46.480 205.153 U2 2.607 .232 1.020 50.266 51.386 197.005 U3 3.374 .298 1.196 43.252 49.448 209.244 Ave 204 Unc ±12 RESULTS: The recorded…

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  • Pilot Timberlake Case Study

    Reference: Unlawful racial and national origin discrimination; malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, malversation, et. al. Dear Equal Opportunity Specialist Roberts: License airplane pilot Timberlake petitions you concerning the misinterpretation and interpolation of Section 113 of the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) identification (ID) rules, to unlawfully discriminate. WSCC’s officials are enforcing Section 113 of the AFSP ID rules upon this us citizen exemptee. They are requiring this…

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  • Starry Night: A Literary Analysis

    Best phrased by surgeon, author, and inventor Leonard Shlain in his book, Art & Physics, “Revolutionary art and visionary physics are both investigations into the nature of reality.” However dissimilar Vincent van Gough’s Starry Night may seem from Isaac Newton’s second law of motion, according to Shlain, this is what fundamentally unifies the two subjects. Physics is the study of the natural world, while art is the representation of it. Art has been part of our culture longer than any of the…

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  • Analysis Of The RARMA Model

    ECMWF analysis data is a 0.125° x 0.125° resolution product (6 h temporal resolution). Therefore, it has been necessary to interpolate the ECMWF analysis fields to the GMI footprint, in both time and space. This is done by employing a simple interpolation scheme that interpolates the ECMWF atmospheric and surface analysis fields in time and space to exact location of the GMI radiometric measurements. One should also remember that emissivity is very difficult to model over non-ocean surface.…

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  • Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate Essay

    Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate, limiting equivalent conductance (Λ0), ion association, activation energy and thermodynamic functions. Introduction: The measurement of electrical conductivities of dilute solutions of salts or complexes is considered to be one of the important methods for studying the ion-pair or multiple- ion association not only in aqueous solutions but also in non-aqueous or mixed ones 1-4. Also, conductivity measurements were used to evaluate the hydration free energy of some…

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  • Manusmrti Analysis

    The Manusmrti remains one of the finest embodiments of Classical Hindu law and of fundamental importance in any study on law in India. Buhler designates Manusmrti as 'Bhrigu's version of the Institutes of Sacred law proclaimed by Manu".14 Its opening verses describe how Manu, the descendent of the self¬ existent Brahmana was approached by the great sages to explain the sacred law. Buhler further explains that if the versions given by commentators like Govihdraja, Narayana and Raghavananda as…

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