Being A Intern At The Sussex County Miners

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Throughout a person life they will meet and work with countless of people. Working with others is almost like a trail and error process; sometimes that partnership works great, while other times the partnership stalls. The same can be said for a manager and their philosophy on how to run a business. I have been fortunate enough to work at multiple internships and jobs throughout my life and I give all of those experiences a lot of credit into molding me into the man I am today. However at each internship or job the environment I worked in was different. Eventually I started to realize that the culture of the company took the form of its manager.
This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work at The Sussex County Miners an Independent
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Being able to learn the game of baseball from such a remarkable front office was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dave Chase was the general manager of the team, and he created a working environment that led to all employees buying into our organizations goals. Dave has worked in baseball for over 20 years and has mastered the skills needed to run a great organization. My duties as an intern were vast, and varied from day to day. The main objectives of my position were to provide fans with the best in game experience possible through customer service and in-game promotions. As an intern I also had the responsibility to pull the rain tarp on and off the field in the case of inclement weather. My final objective was to sell sponsorships and advertisements to local business for the Miners. The interns would report directly to Dave Chase, and for all of our duties he would always give us constructive …show more content…
Dave Chase and his staff always wanted us to learn from outside sources in order to become more diverse. Mr. Chase is an avid reader and loves to recommend books to anyone who would take his suggestions so as a going away gift to all of his interns he gave us a book about business in baseball. He believed that this book would help cement some of the things we learned over the summer in our brains. Dave would also take us to other minor league stadiums in order to learn how other organizations do business and to pick up on other teams strengths and weaknesses. Now if I attend a sporting event I cannot simply watch the game, I find myself critiquing the staff and concentrating on how smoothly the amenities are being

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