Tennessee Baseball Team Analysis

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The representation of the University of Tennessee Baseball’s team has been consistent throughout the University’s history. When the Vols baseball team has a successful season the university does not tend to advertise and show them off, but when football or basketball has a successful season it is a completely different story. However, the baseball team likes to represent themselves differently. For example, as a fan walks by the outside of the stadium there are pictures of players that have success in the Major Leagues which represents a theme of “we create great ball players.” Through newspapers, media guides, yearbooks, pictures outside the stadium, and game programs one can infer that the representation is sub par compared to the likes of football and basketball at UT. The Volunteer Yearbooks of the University do not show off the baseball team like they represent the more “popular” sports like football and basketball, both men’s and women’s. According to historical records, the UT baseball team began in 1897 and all that is listed in the yearbook that year is the team’s schedule and results. That is also all there was in the football section of the yearbook so in the very early years, football was not …show more content…
The media guides are well written and lengthy, but they give a great representation of the team. Media guides are generally sold at the beginning of the season and their purpose is to inform readers of the guide about their past history, success, priorities, facts about the team, and a preview of the upcoming season. The media guides representation of the team is a whole lot different than how the university represents the team. In every media guide there is a section of the team’s history that represents the amount of All-Americans, SEC Honors, National Honors, Major League Players who played for the Volunteers, and more parts of the team’s long

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