Death Of The Right Fielder Analysis

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In the game of baseball, catching a ball is an everyday thing and is no big deal to most players, but for others, it creates themselves a legacy. The Right Fielder’s love for the game of baseball is expressed by how he always wanted to play and did not care as much about the position he was playing. Though he wanted to play the game and leave his legacy by doing so, his team never believed in his game. In the story Death of the Right Fielder, by Stuart Dybek, the symbol of the ball found in the mitt of the Right Fielder shows that one must do what they love in order to leave a legacy. His team never waited to receive any balls that got hit in the direction of The Right Fielder because they thought since he could not catch, and in their opinion it would be a waste of time. “After too many balls went out and never came back we went out to check” (Dybek 35). By his team not believing he would catch a ball that got hit towards him, they were doubting his ability to leave his own legacy in the game of baseball. They doubted him for so long to the point that they ran out of …show more content…
At first, when he went to join the team they assigned him as right fielder since they did not think he was good enough to catch balls. The Right Fielder accepted that role simply since he wanted to play the game of baseball and he knew that it could be his only chance to play on this team. Whenever the team hit balls that went towards right field, they never bothered to wait for them to be returned since they did not believe in him leaving his legacy by catching a ball. Finally, when they ran out of balls they were forced to go towards The Right Fielder and as they got closer to him, they saw his body laying there with a ball underneath proving that he caught a ball, left his legacy, and proved his whole team

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