Ileana Aleman Character Sketch

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Ileana Aleman is a nineteen year old from Pharr, Texas. She was born on March 1, 1996 and has always dreamed of playing softball. She is currently a student at the University of Arkansas where she is majoring in Creative Writing. Along with spending time on her academics, she also spends her time playing on the University of Arkansas Women’s Softball Team. Playing at the collegiate level has made an effective contribution to not only her life but also her character. It has taught her valuable personality traits such as determination, motivation and resiliency along with the concept of failure and how to overcome obstacles.
Her love for the sport came when she was young girl and she knew then that she was going to play softball as long as possible. It was her father who first got her interested in softball and pushed her throughout her high school career. All of his motivation and her hard work paid off when she was named Newcomer of the Year her freshman year and Offensive Player of the Year as a junior in high school. These accomplishments led her to where she is today, playing as a Lady Razorback for the University of Arkansas.
She learned early in her career as a collegiate softball player that injuries can be detrimental to playing the sport she loved. During
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There were many times throughout her recovery process where she got discouraged and thought that she might not get to return to her favorite game. At first she saw her injury as a failure because she thought that she had let her teammates down. After some thought, and encouragement from her team, she decided to get back to training and slowly worked her way up to practices. She describes her injury as “one of the toughest struggles that she has had to face in her life,” but it has definitely made her love of the game grow immensely

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