Summary: The Way Of Baseball

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1. Bibliography: Green, Shawn and McAlpine, Gordon. The Way of Baseball. New York, New York: Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, 2011.
224 pages
2. Title: The title is The Way of Baseball. It is significant because it tells you about baseball and how you can find stillness and what to do when you have found stillness.
3. Characters: Shawn Green is the protagonist who plays in the MLB some of his personality traits would be hard working, frustrated, and ambitious. Some of his physical characteristics would be he is very tall, he has dark brown or black hair, and he has a skinny body type. Carlos is a protagonist who was Shawn’s former teammate. His personality traits would be hardworking, patient, and happy. Carlos’ physical traits would be tall, strong body type, and bald. Lindsay who was both the
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• Shawn talks about finding stillness and how it is helping improve his game like giving him more power
• Shawn finally has his first game ever since he was able to find stillness, during the game he does great and it shows to him that his daily routine is paying off
• Shawn begins to talk about how different pitches tip off their pitches, he claims that even the best and elite pitchers do this. He states that most pitchers don’t even know that they tip their pitches off. Shawn talks about how he benefits from the pitchers mistakes and how it helps him see and hit the ball better. This allows him to progress as a baseball player at a very young age
• He talks about how begins to take note in a journal of the different pitchers who tip their pitches
• After the season is over Shawn talks about how he was able to go on vacation to Europe with his teammate Carlos Delgado and he explains how he was able to find a new sense of balance.
• Green’s teammates are telling him that he’s lucky to be single, but he wants a relationship. He meets a girl named Lindsay and he begins to date

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