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  • Photosynthesis: Examining Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration

    bromthymol blue, and an elodea plant in an environment with light, it will result in a color change from yellow to greenish blue. Also, if a sealed test tube containing bromthymol blue and an elodea plant in a dark environment. The bromothymol blue, a pH indicator, was used to measure the amount of CO2 present in a given test tube. The controls being tested were two negative controls that consisted of one test tube containing bromothymol blue, CO2, and an elodea plant while being in a dark…

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  • Hydrochloric Acid

    both discarded into the waste bin and rinsed three times to prepare for the next trial. The same process was used to obtain the 50 mL of NaOH as in the previous experiment, but Ba(OH)2Ba(OH)2 was used instead. HCl was added to the phenolphthalein indicator and deionized water as in the first trial. 4 mL was added quickly and a singular drop was added slowly from there. A reaction took place at exactly 6 mL which was what was predicted. A light pink solution was produced. The second trial went…

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  • Calibration Of Ph Titration Essay

    The endpoints of the pH indicator method were observed at 33.6 mL, 38.8 mL and 44.6 mL respectively. In the visual identification the endpoints were found at 33.8 mL, 39.2 ml and 44. 6 mL these value can be observed in the figures 5, 8, and 11. In the numerical differentiation method…

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  • Unknown Ionic Compound Lab Report

    Project 3 Identification and Synthesis of an Unknown Ionic Compound Mitchell Morgan CEM-161-007 Josh Ward 28th October 2015 Abstract The chief objective of this experiment was to identify the unknown compound. The following tests were conducted to eventually establish the identity of the compounded: qualitative solubility tests, anion and cation tests, flame test, and the formation of a precipitate. The physical properties of the unknown ionic compound found that it has no smell and was…

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  • Experiment: Standardisation Of 0.25 M Hydrochloric Acid

    approximate concentration of 2.5 M against sodium carbonate solution. The main steps of this experiment were preparing the sodium carbonate solution, transferring the solution into a conical flask by using a pipette, adding the bromophenol blue indicator and titrating with hydrochloric acid until the first green colour appeared. The concentration of hydrochloric acid was found to be 0.2508 mol L-1. Introduction Standardisation is a process which is carried out to determine the actual molarity of…

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  • Methyl Orange Essay

    In this case methyl orange can be used as the indicator, pH arc being 3,1...4,4, or methyl red, pH arc being 4,4...6,2. If the pH value is bigger than the arc then the indicators will give a yellow colour to the solution, if smaller then a red colour. Total hardness is the sum of amount of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions and is determined via complex-titration. Here is the stoichiometric point found by using different complex ions with different colours. The solution is titrated with…

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  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assignment

    An assignment was given to us, where we had to take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify where our personality fits best in. We were categorized from sixteen different personality types based on what information we were given and how we answered them. The four categories were based on where you focused your attention, the way you handle information, the decisions we make, and how we deal with the world. Each had preferences to give you the type of personality you most likely fit in,…

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  • Feed Analysis Values

    the acid detergent fibre which is a measurement of lingin, cellulose and lignified nitrogen is 306.79 (g/kg DM). The neutral detergent fibre of the silage was 552.40(g/kg DM) and is an indicator of forage intake potential which declines as NDF value increases. The pH value of the silage is 3.91 and its an indicator of the acid in the silage.…

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  • Titration Essay

    were used to help understand the different behaviors of different concentrations. Household items were used to help apply basic theories about acids and bases such as pH. The titration curves were evaluated to help determine which indicator needed to be used for the indicator titration. Anions are ions that have more electrons than protons, therefore,…

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  • Public Health Indicator Case Study

    Question 1 a. Public Health Indicator: A public health indicator can be quantifiable as it is used as a supporting evidence when the health status of a population is been described. Public health indicator is a summary statistics of which is directly related to and which facilitate concise, comprehensive and balanced judgements about the condition of a major part of health or the progression towards achieving a healthier society. An indicator is known to simply measure hence it is a measure of…

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