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  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Reflection

    Garret Hunter, INFJ type, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator reflection The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment provided, in my opinion, valuable and interesting information as to what my character can be seen as. Reading through the generated report offered deep insight into some of my characteristics; the test stated that I would find a desirable career where I would have opportunities to express my preferences, be recognized for using national gifts and strengths, and where I would face tasks and…

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  • Acid Base Titration Report

    ACID-BASE PROPERTIES OF SODIUM CHLORIDE, SODIUM FORMATE AND AMMONIUM CHLORIDE INTRODUCTION The objective of this experiment is to examine the definitive characteristics of acids and bases by investigating the characteristics of strong versus weak acids; more specifically, why these differences are important in the process of titrations. In this experiment, there are two titrations performed and measured the pH of one salt solution. This experiment includes a strong acid and strong base…

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  • Two Key Indicators Of Becoming An Adult

    independently, and regularly take responsibility for younger children. Becoming an adult is a gradual change. Turning 18 in and of itself has no true significance. The process is long and varies for everyone, but maturity and experience are always two key indicators of achieving adulthood. For me, my transition into adulthood is clearly marked by the several months that followed receiving my driver’s license. Before passing my driving test, I relied on others to drive me…

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  • The Seven Indicators Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

    Egypt was a complex civilization because ancient Egypt had all of the seven indicators. It had a government, a religion, a bunch of cities, specialized skills and jobs, they traded, they had different social classes, and they had a method of keeping records. Their method of keeping records were called hieroglyphs. They had slaves, a low class with farmers, a middle class with doctors, and a high class with priests, and their religion had hundreds of different gods and goddesses. Well…

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  • Case Study Notes: Acid Base Balance Study Guide

    Acid Base Balance Study Guide Definition: The body’s ability to regulate and compensate for variances of the acidity or alkalinity of body fluids through mechanisms in the brain, kidneys, lungs, and buffering system. Concept Key Terms: • Acid: any substance that has a pH less than 7.0 • Acidosis: the condition of having too much acid build up in body fluids, below 7.35 • Alkalosis: the condition of having too much alkaline build up in body fluids, above 7.45 • Anion: a negatively charge…

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  • Molar Concentration Of Sodium Hydroxide Solution

    Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to prepare and standardize a sodium hydroxide solution as well as determine the molar concentration in as strong acid and the percent by mass of acetic acid in vinegar. We used volumetric analysis, also known as titration, in both experiments. The average molar concentration for NaOH was 0.2749 mol/L while the average molar concentration of the acid solution was .2493 mol/L.The average percent by mass of acetic acid in vinegar was found to be 12.3 %…

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  • Analysis Of Atorvastatin

    PRE FORMULATION STUDY: Pre formulation testing was an investigation of physical and chemical properties of a drug substance alone and when combined with excipients. It was the first step in the rational development of dosage forms. Class: -Pre formulation study can divide into two subclasses: API characterization, Compatibility study Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) characterization:- Organoleptic evaluation:-These are preliminary characteristics of any substance which is useful in…

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  • The Importance Of Uranium In The Environment

    Uranium and its decay products can be found in the environment through a wide array of anthropogenic activities such as mining, nuclear and power generation industries and the production of phosphate fertilizers .(Sprynskyy et al. 2011) They pose a severe, long term ecological and public health threat (Khani 2011, Landa 2003) and therefore there is a considerable effort in the removal of these pollutants before their final discharge in the environment, as well as their recovery as an energy…

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  • Trayvon And The Myth Of The Juvenile Indicator Analysis

    Analysis of Media Representations of Juvenile Delinquency or Juvenile Justice System In the article Trayvon and the Myth of the ‘Juvenile Superpredator’, Steve Drizin discusses the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in relation to the myth of the juvenile superpredator coined by John Dilulio. As we discussed in class, while this supposed new breed of criminals never surfaced, the myth that they would has changed how society sees certain adolescents. Drizin speaks on the fact that by…

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  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Swot Analysis

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big- Five personality model? Please explain and feel free to provide examples to support your response to this question. The first strength and weaknesses of Myers-Briggs indicator framework is people introduced to this reasoning, by identifying usefulness as a way to make sense of themselves and others. People with no psychological training can appreciate the four differences as being authentic. The second…

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