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  • 1what Is An Acid-Base Titration?

    known concentration neutralizes an acid or base of unknown concentration. The neutralization of an acid or base in acid-base titration can be measured with either a color indicator or a pH-meter. For this experiment we are using a color indicator. The indicator phenolphthalein is used in experiment 1 and starch was use as an indicator in experiment 2.Phenolththalein is a colorless in acidic solution and pink in…

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  • The Bronsted-Lowry Theory

    (NaOH) as a titrant. In addition, the measured volume of the base consumed is used to reach the end point. Hypothesis: It is expected to, at the end point of the experiment, the solution within the conical flask with both the acid, base, and indicator, will turn from a clear transparent color to a permanent pink color due to it being…

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  • Nursing Sensitive Indicators Case Study

    Nursing-Sensitive Indicators a) Discuss how an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators could assist the nurses in this case in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care. Nursing-sensitive indicators are critical determinants that the nursing profession utilizes to describe the efficiency that nursing interventions bring as well as positive patient outcomes. The case of Mr. J is truly saddening as the evidence describing the entire case indicates that the nurses that attended…

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  • Color Analysis Lab

    The purpose of this lab is to determine the Ka of an indicator within an unknown solution. This can be determined because acid-base indicators are weak bases or acids, and when neutralized they change colors. The color change is measured by the light absorption spectra in the compound which can be used to calculate the concentration. This experiment measures the concentrations by the different pH values which allows the pKa and Ka to be determined. Through the experiment, and the recorded color…

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  • Nursing Sensitive Indicators: A Case Study

    The Undesired Outcome A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators Nursing sensitive indicators (NSI) were identified in the 1990’s by the American Nurses Association (ANA) as a way to link patient outcomes to nurse staffing (Montalvo, 2007). NSI established indicators to focus on and to provide a means to evaluate the care given by nursing staff (Nursing sensitive indicators, 2013). The patient scenario might have ended differently if the NSI had been adhered to and utilized. NSI’s have shown if a certain…

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  • Volumetric Analysis Lab

    The purpose and objective of this experiment was to determine the percent by mass of acetic acid within a sample of vinegar using volumetric analysis with the titration technique. The theory is that if the volume and molar concentration of the standardized sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution is known, then the percent by mass of the acetic acid (CH3COOH) in vinegar can be calculated after a titration.1 Within this experiment, a NaOH solution was standardized with a primary standard acid of…

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  • Benzoic Acid Lab Report

    The list of errors start from the beginning of the experiment. Although the numbers seem to be close to the actual values, there is still room for error with the numbers. What the class noticed first is that we could have been working with very impure benzoic acid. The benzoic acid we were given was made by the 102 chemistry students, meaning that it wasn’t properly made. Students have said that they were rushed and weren’t able to take their time to filter the solid out of the solution. We had…

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  • Multip Ph Lab Report

    litmus paper will demonstrate that a solution contains an acid. However, if the solution contains a base the paper will turn blue, and if it turns red the solution is an acid. Also, like the litmus paper, Multip-pH is a paper impregnated with an indicator solution. The paper is dipped in the solution and is matched with a pH color chart. Furthermore, if both pink and blue litmus paper fail to change color, than the solution is neutral. An example of a neutral solution would be distilled water,…

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  • Titration Lab

    KA to determine the identity. Another method used was qualitative methods. 3 indicators were set up with specific ranges of pH for colour change. Each of the indicators…

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  • Equivalence Point Lab Report

    Pre-lab: An endpoint is indicated by some form of indicator at the end of a titration. The equivalence point is when the moles of a standard solution equal the moles of a solution of an unknown concentration. The endpoint of the solution should be a faint pink color. If the color is too dark of a pink that means that it is overly titrated. The independent variable is the amount of base being added to the solution. The dependant variable is the indicator. The constant variable is the acid…

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