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  • Rhonda Sebert: The Legendary Child

    It was a cold day in Whitley, Indiana, my birthplace. It was February 21, 1998. A woman by the name of Rhonda Sebert had just gone into the hospital ready to give birth to her second child. Several minutes after noon is when the baby finally arrived. The babies name: Justin Sebert. The parents of this legendary child were Mark Sebert and, of course, Rhonda Sebert. At that time, Justin Was just a little tyke. Arriving into this world at a mere 19 inches and 7.3 pounds. Not too long after…

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  • The Great Sorting Out

    great illustration how the Internet has changed the way we do things, and how everything is intertwined and connected. Another great example that the chapter provides the Indiana versus India, a case that took place in 2003. An Indian consulting firm won the contract to upgrade the unemployment department of the state of Indiana. This was obviously a political hot topic and it took for the governor Joe Kernan to cancel the contract and put legal barriers to prevent things like this happening…

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  • Michelle Mccottry Argumentative Essay

    Washington was decided based on Hammon v. Indiana (Hammon v. Indiana, n.d.). In this case, Hershel Hammon was charged with domestic abuse after police responded to a call at his house, questioned him and his wife, and took a statement from his wife (Hammon v. Indiana, n.d.). The court used this statement and entered it as evidence, as Mrs. Hammon did not testify, citing that it was an excited utterance…

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  • How Did 1984 Influence Films

    franchise that continues to this day. Meanwhile, films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock contributed to their respective franchises and generated hype for more sequels. These movies went on to become classics in the coming future. Maybe include cult classics then you can combine first 2 paragraphs and have this be separate :) “Special Effects were taking leaps” (Truitt 1) as well in films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of…

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  • Martin Luther King's What The Best College Students Do

    What is higher education anyway? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, higher education is “education beyond the secondary level; especially education provided by a college or university.” Today, the argument is whether this higher education should be focused on a more liberal education or a more utilitarian education. A liberal education is often defined as one that is broad and provides knowledge of a variety of subjects. Martin Luther King Jr. was in favor of a liberal education, saying…

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  • Wesson Company Controversy

    Product Liability Essay City of Gary v. Smith & Wesson Corp Plaintiff: In this particular case, the party who initiated the lawsuit was the city of Gary, Indiana, by its mayor, Scott L. King, with the intention of obtaining both injunctive relief and monetary compensation for the harm allegedly caused by the unlawful marketing and distribution of handguns. Defendants: Manufacturers -Smith & Wesson Corp., Beretta USA Corp., Glock Corp, Charter Arms Corp., Hi-Point Firearms Corp., Navegar, Inc.,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Have I Ever Been To Wisconsin

    Have you ever been to Wisconsin? I have here’s a time when my dad my aunt and I went. First we packed and then we didn’t leave till 4pm we drove for 9 hours!! While I was in the car I watched youtube,listened to music,took a few naps,And I was very bored. Next we got to my grandpa’s at 1am!, We all went to sleep,my dad and I woke up at 12pm, my dad and I waited for my aunt and grandpa to get out of work. When my aunt got out of work me and her went to go get my uncle. Then we went bowling at…

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  • Osteopathic Degree Application Essay

    Freshman year in college is where you are supposed to figure your life out so you can prepare for the “real world.” When most of my peers are changing their majors and trying to figure out what they are supposed to do with their lives, I was blessed to have a family and high school that provided me with experiences that made my decision obvious after exploring many options ranging from business to engineering. With already knowing what I would like to do with my life once I receive my…

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  • Impaired Nursing Case Study

    and Ed.D The four major activities of ISBN are to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Indiana in its receipt of nursing services, to examine, license, and renew licenses of qualified applicants, to determine appropriate discipline when there is an allegation that an Indiana-licensed nurse has failed to comply with the requirements for licensure, and to accredit and monitor Indiana nursing education programs. How does a school of nursing maintain their accreditation? This is…

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  • Bryan S. Neiderhiser Case Summary

    Neiderhiser of Marcus & Mack Attorneys at Law in Indiana, Pennsylvania, represents clients in personal injury cases. His typical cases involve industrial accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, products liability, dangerous drugs or medical devices, premises liability, motor vehicle defects or animal attacks. Many of his clients are residents of Blair, Centre, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Bedford, Cambria, Clearfield, Elk, Huntington, Indiana, Jefferson and Somerset counties [1] or the…

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