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  • Rank And File Radicalism Within The Ku Klux Klan In The 1920's

    John Zerzan emphasizes that the Klan was not how many people imagined it was; since it was more helpful to the society. According to Jackson, the Ku Klux Klan was not primarily southern, chauvinist, or violent. On the other hand, the Golden Era of Indiana account was quite different because they depicted the Ku Klux Klan as being a heartless group of white people harassing black people and vandalizing everything. In addition, if anyone stood on the Klan members’ way, did not matter if they were…

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  • REPA Standards Essay

    the needs of students in the 21st century and seeing that their education is as integrated into their own life and as applicable to their future work experience. The state of Indiana has set very specific REPA standards for pedagogy, including a teacher’s use of technology in education. Technology, both to the state of Indiana and to the world, is considered and should be used as an essential tool for educating new generations in every subject that they encounter…

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  • E-Days Research Paper

    are learning at home. Lessons are complete online on time. This means the next day they turn in their work. Third the essay will discuss the E-day program works and is liked. Districts are joining. More schools are using E-days. 29 schools in Indiana tried it and will use it again. More schools have joined and have liked the…

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  • Abraham Lincoln: One-Room Log Cabin In Washington County, Kentucky

    Frustrated over the lack of security provided by the Kentucky title survey system in the courts, Thomas sold the remaining land he held in Kentucky in 1814, and began planning a move to Indiana, where the…

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  • 60 Semester Hours Essay

    I would have begun this process about a year ago to avoid having to go through this ordeal. The reason why I am over the allowed 60 semester hours is because I am currently pursuing two separate Masters degree programs at Indiana University at the same time. I came to Indiana University in 2011 to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I knew from the beginning that I desired to pursue a second degree to complement this program, as I combined…

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  • Student Loan Debt Students

    debt really affects you in life. Nobody really goes into detail and explains everything with student loans. Indiana University decided to make a team to help with this problem. They created the Money Smarts Team. The Money Smarts Team consists of students that are very well educated. These students provide financial counselling to other students. The article “Student Loan Debt 101 at Indiana University” states that the class is about basic everyday topics such as sticking to a budget and…

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  • Euthanasia Pros And Cons Essay

    Most people may not be aware of the choices they may have to make towards the end of their life. They also may not be aware of what an advance directive is. In order to make an informed decision they need to know what all of their options are. They should be aware of what end-of-life treatments are available and have an advance directive on file. There are three major things people should be aware of and those are the difference between a terminal illness and irretrievably dying, the criteria of…

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  • Clyde Gibson Case: After All I Am Guilty

    “After all I am guilty,” William Clyde Gibson, age 59, of New Albany, Indiana, stated two months after pleading guilty and being sentenced to death for the murder of three women. Gibson’s victims included Karen Hodella age 44 of port orange, Florida in 2002, Stephanie kirk age 35 of Charlestown, Indiana in March 2012, and Christine Whitis, age 75 of Clarksville, Indiana in April 2012. Gibson was classified as a sadist and rapist. His preferred method being strangulation, stabbing with a knife…

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  • Obscenity Case: Barnes V. Glen Theatre Inc.

    as Kitty Kat Lounge are entertainment places in South Bend, Indiana that have entirely nude dancers in order to entertain the audience ( As a result, the state of Indiana was not please and decided to pass a law. This law created by the state of Indiana which deals with public nudity requires all nude dancers to wear a top and underwear when they dance ( As a result of this law that was passed by the state of Indiana, Glen Theatre and Kitty Kat Lounge decide to sue the state.…

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  • Public Vs Private Prisons Essay

    Purpose From an early age in the United States children have been taught, that the things that are common in this country are not common in most. The United States is widely considered as a first world country compared to most nations across the world. The most important thing that we grew up on was, freedom of being an American. We are now in an age when freedom is fast becoming exception rather what we are entitled to. Imprisoning Americans in private prisons that are being controlled and…

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