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  • Indiana Student Council

    The Indiana Association of Student Council, or IASC, is more than a statewide program for all the student councils within Indiana. IASC upholds the pillars of Inspiration, Action, Service, and Character, transforming ordinary students into remarkable leaders through the amazing conventions and camps they hold annually. I, Phillip Phan, am fortunate to be elected as a Northeast District Representative for the IASC Executive Committee. Being a part this committee has been life-changing thus far,…

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  • Indiana Hoosier Research Paper

    half, the occupants of Indiana have been associated with the nickname “Hoosiers”. Other states have their individual unique name for the occupants as well. For example, the Buckeyes of Ohio, Suckers of Illinois, Tarheels of North Carolina, and many other states too, still, none of them seem to be as renowned as Indiana’s, and for good reasons too. It also has quite a bit more acceptance than most. Many already know, but some must be considering the unknown reason of why Indiana people are called…

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  • Indiana Sexual Assault

    Assault at Indiana State University One in four college women and one in six males are sexually assaulted. It is important as students at universities to take control in preventing sexual assaults at Indiana State University. It is important to acknowledge that sexual assault is an issue within universities, and action needs to be taken in order to provide a safe environment for everyone at Indiana State University. It is the job of students to raise awareness about sexual assault at Indiana…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Migration To Indiana

    “Indiana was home to 314,501 immigrants in 2013, which is more than the total population of Cincinnati, Ohio” (New 1). Over the past two decades, Indiana has taken a closer look at the population of immigrants in the state. Although Indiana is not a border state, people from many other countries decide to emigrate to Indiana for a better life. The largest ethnic groups who come to Indiana to live, originate from Asian and/or Spanish speaking countries. “Roughly 1 in 12 Hoosiers are Latino or…

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  • Native American Culture In Indiana

    Growing up in the Northwest in Washington State, I was surrounded by Native American Culture. Although, since moving to Indiana, I haven’t really experienced Native American culture within the state. I assumed the culture difference from the West to Midwest would actually be quite similar, but to my surprise, culturally, the Pow Wow in Indiana was actually quite different, as well as the cultural differences. One of our family friends is a Chief of his tribe and within his tribe, the culture of…

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  • Differences Of Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant

    Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant has throughout his life been compared to Michael Jordan in almost every aspect. Some say that Kobe Bryant steals Michael Jordan’s moves, even Michael Jordan thinks that Kobe steals his moves. Kobe and Michael are both champions, shooting guards, and they both had very successful careers. In 1991, Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship in only five games. At the time the Playoffs were four game elimination, meaning that first team to win four…

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  • Sleepers In Basketball

    have some great sleeper options, though. From Monta Ellis to Zach LaVine, there are are plethora of talented guys to anchor your fantasy rosters this season. So, here are my favorite sleeper shooting guards for the 2015-16 NBA season: Monta Ellis, Indiana Pacers Through Monta Ellis’ first few seasons in the NBA, he was somewhat of an inconsistent fantasy producer, but he’s…

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  • Jonathan Benedek Case Study

    I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonathan Benedek. Mr. Benedek is also known as the Senior Director of Marketing for Indiana University Athletics. As the Senior Director of Marketing his main responsibilities focus on two main ideas of: the fan experience of going to athletic event and the basic marketing concepts of athletic events. The first main topic of the fan experience is focused on the free giveaways that happen at some events, the halftime entertainment and many more things. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: Atwood, Indiana

    Atwood, Indiana I would not call this my favorite place, but since I do not actually have a favorite place, this is my only option. My great-grandma died on October third of 2012 (I remember death dates, and yes, I know that it is weird), but that day was oddly one of my favorites. Her name was Norma Jean Irwin, and she was so small and frail, yet stronger than a horse pulling a carriage. She grew up in Indiana, where the house is currently standing, and lived as a farm wife, which of course…

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  • Indiana University Education Case Study

    before, and how they relate to Indiana University as a whole, the Indiana University community, and what improvements the university can implement to make the learning experience of the students better. Indiana University prides itself on being the largest university in Indiana that provides innovation, creativity, and academic-freedom to its students. However, for this goal to be accomplished high student enrollment is essential, which is why this case impacts Indiana University. After high…

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