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  • Vcvcvap Case Study

    The Vigo County Crime Victim Assistance Program (VCCVAP) assists victims of crime in the Terre Haute, Indiana area. The VCCVAP was founded in 1988, and has been providing victims with a sense of security and assistance ever since. The VCCVAP obtains all of the police reports from the Terre Haute Police Department, West Terre Haute Police Department, and the Vigo County Sherriff’s Office. The legal advocates read through every single police report and recognize the victim. Since the program has…

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  • How Has Social Media Impacted Your Life

    Social media has impacted my life in numerous ways. I can and do use a variety of social media apps that are easily accessible on my mobile smart phone, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. These applications allow me to do many activities in my daily life that would be much harder or impossible to accomplish without them. Specifically, social media has impacted my social life and my life as a college student. It has impacted my social life by showing me the…

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  • Midwestern, Inc.: Case Study

    Under the State's recreational use statute, the owner of a property that permits any person either directly or indirectly without charge the use of the property for recreation purposes does not assume responsibility for any injury incurred. Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 411.190. A “charge” refers to the admission price or fee asked in return for invitation or permission to enter or go upon the land. Id. In regards to the application of the fee, Midwestern, Inc. determined that the fee must have been…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Yes Virginia

    Yes Virginia is an editorial from a writer of the New York Sun. It was written by a little girl named Virginia who is eight years old in 1897. In her letter she is explaining that her friends are telling her that there is no Santa claus so she asks the writer to tell her the truth. She also adds in her letter the reason she is writing to the sun. She states in her letter that "papa says". The writer then replies to her explaining his interpretation of a Santa claus. The newspaper can only print…

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  • Resident Assistant Research Paper

    “You’d make a great RA one-day Grant.” Stated my favorite teacher in high school. Because I really did not know the requirements and duties of a resident assistant, I started to look into it and realized that my personality really did fit with this job. In my opinion though, being a resident assistant would not even be seen as a job because I would enjoy it very much. During the end of September, I approached my resident assistant with all of my questions about trying to get this position. She…

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  • Wabash County Jail Analysis

    Our criminal justice class took a trip to the Huntington and Wabash county jail this week. I was very excited to go on these trips since I had never actually got the opportunity to go into the main parts of the jail before. I was intrigued to learn more information about the jails and how they operate. To my surprise, there were many differences and similarities between the two jails. The Huntington County jail (HCJ) is located in downtown Huntington, catty corner from the court house. Having…

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  • Santa Research Paper

    The Truth About Santa Currently, the Postal Office has a program called “Letters from Santa”. This program allows parents send their children’s letters addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. They also send the response from Santa in the same envelope, and the Post Office return the response to the kids. In addition, the Postal Service has a program named “Operation Santa”, in which, many postal employees respond to the letters by providing a written response signed by Santa, while other Post…

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  • Indiana Unemployment Analysis

    of people but not all handle it the same. Indianapolis, Indiana is known as the city with most jobs equally for both lower, medium, and higher class. Different problems arise with unemployment with countless solutions attached to each specific issue, but there is only one good reasonable solution that will be beneficial for the problem. One company that is facing such problem is car parts and accessories manufacturers in Mooresville, Indiana called TOA. There may be more than one solution to…

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  • Indiana Nursing Goals

    Nursing is often referred as the art and science of person centered care, that's why Indiana University is the school that will help me meet my goals of being a Registered Nurse. With a bachelor's degree in nursing that will help me excel in critical thinking and use the skills I learned from Indiana University everyday in my line of work. I will be majoring in Nursing reason being that nursing is a special skill that you learn the overall concept from books and class, but it's not universal…

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  • International Student Jobs Essay

    by 7,451 international students who also supported about 2,064 jobs (McDaniel, P. 2014, November 19). John Conant, the Economic department ISU chair has seen the financial impact that international students have in the school where he teaches. In Indiana State University, 8% of the student’s populations are international students and there are about 1000 of them. Those international students pay full tuition and add about $17 million to the schools budget for operations. Most of the students…

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