Case Study Of The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance System

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B. USDA/FNS--what?
The USDA/FNS has been mentioned a few times through this point. You may have questions as to what they do. Here is an overview of what they do. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a fully federally funded program through the United Stated Department of Agriculture/Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS). SNAP is administered through each state under the policies prescribed by FNS. In other words, they are directly responsible for making sure that SNAP (and other programs) are being run the way it needs to be run.
USDA/FSN is responsible for the follow programs:
• National School Lunch Program (Including School Breakfast Program)
Child and Adult Care Food Program
• Summer Food Service Program
• Food Distribution
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The State would like to have a faster turnaround time, as older information is harder to pursue. By having quicker investigations, State hopes to yield more results to demonstrate to FNS that the State is making this a priority. Currently, the State cannot investigate all clients received by FNS; therefore, the State is currently attempting to make the process less cumbersome and quicker, so that more cases can be reviewed, in order to obtain better results.
FNS sends client information (RIDS) from disqualified stores to FSSA/Benefit Recovery.
1. Clients shopping at disqualified retailers are sent to Benefit Recovery by FNS. Spreadsheets should be loaded to the shared Integrity folder.
2. Spreadsheets need to be combined and sorted. This will be done by FSSA Auditor. These spreadsheets will also be on the Integrity folder.
3. Information will reduced according through the following steps:
• The Auditor will eliminate all clients who fall below a predefined threshold. o Definition of Threshold: The established threshold amount (to be either $100 or $250, depending on results) will be based on the total dollar amount from the FNS report only (other suspicious transactions will not be taken into consideration).
• Auditor match remaining data with disqualified/ineligible clients in ICES o Definition of “disqualified/ineligible”: Aliens, drug felons, students (on a case-by-case basis), permanent

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