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  • Abigail Character Analysis

    old. She is an American and she grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her family has always been well off, but they’ve never led an extravagant lifestyle. Abigail’s parents taught her and her little brother to have a strong work ethic. Abigail excelled in her education and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Indiana University. When she graduated from college, she moved to Nashville, Indiana where she has lived for several years. She has had lots of part time jobs, but…

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  • Todd Heller Inc. Case Summary

    Todd Heller, Inc. v. Indiana Department of Transportation In early 2001 Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) entered into a Quantity Purchase Award agreement with Heller, Inc. Heller, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation. The agreement was for Heller to manufacture and distribute glass beads to INDOT’s various districts throughout the state of Indiana. (Glass beads are tiny spheres, which are mixed into traffic paint to create a reflective property.) This agreement was for the dates March…

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  • Food Bank Essay

    from places that you can receive a hot meal from, have access to food at food pantry, food banks and many others. One organization that I was interested and wanted to learn more about was Gleaners. Gleaners is a food bank that help many residents of Indiana. Gleaner food bank wants to try and be able to give food foe every table and give people hope for there future. Gleaners wants to help with hunger they try to distribute food to local agencies partners that help serve those people in need and…

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  • The Role Of Human Trafficking In Prostitution

    By increasing awareness of sex trafficking among teens in suburban areas, the instances of sex trafficking can be reduced. Sex/Human Trafficking is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice “as the act of forcing a person to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud or coercion” (Faherty, 2013). This definition provided a basis of information to base research off of. Teens are considered to be people ages 13 to 18. By researching how to educate and therefore prevent teens in…

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  • Stress Of Standardized Testing

    and science and no change in reading. Until we fix the poverty gaps, nothing will change. Standardized tests have not improved student achievement. Next, Texas takes 15, Indiana takes 5. Texas takes 15 tests, and Indiana takes 5 but students still stress. We could take less tests for less stress. Texas takes 15 tests, Indiana takes 5, and…

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  • Electoral Dysfunction Documentary Analysis

    government decided to let the states decide on the voting policy and who got to vote. In order to understand the full process of voting Mo then heads to Indiana one of america’s swing states. Indiana is famous for the closest electoral race in US history that took place in the Bloody 8th, or the 8th congressional district towards Evansville Indiana. In Indiana Mo then learns about Indiana's strict voting laws and the history of voting in America.…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

    Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana What are your three main points? 1. What the Ronald McDonald House Charities do, particularly the Ronald McDonald Houses. 2. What the charity offers. 3. What you can do to help support the charity. List one source that you will be using for the Persuasive Speech: Better Business Bureau Report for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. (2013, September 1). Retrieved September 16, 2015. Why is…

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  • Han Solo Character Analysis

    favorite in the Star Wars world, the actor that originally played him on screen doesn't share the same sentiments? That's right. Harrison Ford doesn't love the fact that he played the infamous smuggler in the universe. He'd rather play the adventurous Indiana Jones - and still wants to! But that doesn't mean he's going to stop acting. In an exclusive interview, he said "I was glad that the character was alive for me to play in this new iteration." And this was the only time Ford, being known…

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  • Effective Educational Practices: Winning Combination Or Losing Effort?

    Summary: Paul Umbach (Indiana University), Megan Palmer (Indiana University), George Kuh (Indiana University), and Stephanie Hannah (NCAA), in their article “Intercollegiate Athletes and Effective Educational Practices: Winning Combination or Losing Effort?”, claim that college athletics have little influence on the success students have in college. The author’s support their thesis by conducting multiple studies with students who were in college athletics and students who were not participating…

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  • Steven Spielberg: Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park Or Jaws

    Steven Spielberg Have you ever seen ET, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park or Jaws? If so you’ve watched a Steven Spielberg film. Spielberg has become a household name because of these movies and many more. Steven would is also known for shaping how a lot of directors now film and even think about how they produce movies. (Ebert) Steven Spielberg was born in 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Spielberg's directing career started with him being a TV show director; later he became a movie director. His…

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