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  • Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Indiana

    I thought being raised in Indiana was awful. Of all the places in the world I could be born, it had to be Indiana. I loved that Indianapolis was dubbed Naptown because it felt like such an appropriate name for a town that never has anything going on after sleep. I’d always hoped that I would grow up and go someplace new and live a more exciting and fulfilling life. However, my perspective all changed after my freshmen year when my family had the exciting opportunity to go on a vacation to France…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jasper, Indiana

    1997. The excitement, the chaos, and the nervousness all because of me happened about eighteen years ago when my parents, Katie and Karl Margarida, brought me home to welcome me to a new household and new environment in a small town called Jasper, Indiana. Many things happened on November 17, 1997, including my birthday, 70 people died in an attack at the Egyptian Temple, and women and African Americans were freed in Iran. My parent’s names are Katie and Karl Margarida. My mom was 28 years…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Indiana

    my entire life in Indiana, as have my parents. My mom and dad were raised close to Monroe and went to Adams Central, where they met and fell in love. They ended up moving north to Fort Wayne where they had my sister and I. We began our schooling in FWCS, but we moved farther north to the tiny town of Huntertown later, which led to my sister and I switching to NACS for my high schooling and her middle and high schooling. Due to all of the events that have happened here in Indiana throughout my…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Hot Day In Indiana

    It was a hot day in Indiana i was about to have a big long break from school in summer and i couldn't wait. What was so special you might ask well, we were going to Paris. Me, my Mom, and my Dad have been setting this up all year and it was time. It was the last day of school while i was day dreaming about Paris and then i heard the bell ring and it was officially summer. As a lot of people with their friend said goodbye while I was running out the doors. Right when i got home it was time to…

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  • Non Traditional Student Analysis

    Currently the target population for Indiana University Southeast is traditional students under the age of 25. With the decreasing numbers of traditional students attending IUS, a target market they are striving for are non-traditional students and transfer students. This includes students who are single parents, veterans, international students, those returning to college after interruptions in their education, those who carry significant family and work obligations, those who self-identify as…

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  • Imus Research Paper

    The biggest problem for IUS is its retention rate. As freshmen come in from high school fot their first year of college, they are struck with the responsibilities of adulthood. Whether it be from being financially responsible or just simply being responsible enough to go to class. A lot of freshmen fail because of the change of environment that college brings. Many incoming freshmen are simply not prepared for college. College is harder than high school and most freshmen find that adjustment…

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  • Informative Essay: Indiana High School Athletics

    This statewide association began in Richmond, Indiana where many high school principals selected an executive committee of 6 high school principals. At the teachers’ convention in Richmond, Indiana; 50 Indiana high school representatives came together with the purpose of establishing a statewide high school athletic association (“History of IHSAA”). F.A Cotton State, superintendent of public instruction, with help from other people created the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA)…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Indiana Beach

    heart beat I take, I am still alive. Is that what it feels like when you are about to drown? It all started back to a gorgeous hot summer in Indiana. When my mom and my dad had decided to give me and my sister a little surprise. We don't go on vacations a lot because of my parents "job". So when my parents announce that we are going to Indiana Beach. I thought it was a miracle. I jumped, shouted, ran to hug my parents, doing whatever a excited girl could possibly do."Where are we…

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  • Similarities Between Indiana Jones And Holy Grail

    the same or different themes in a setting. The texts that will be analysed will be The Da Vinci code by Dan Brown and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade directed by Steven Spielberg. Themes that both texts explore is family, and they both explore it through the plot element of the Holy Grail. A minor theme for both texts are about the strength of women. Elsa Schneider in Indiana Jones and Sophie Neveu in the Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci code features Robert Langdon and Sophie Nevue travelling…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Return To Indiana

    I had wept for the hundredth time today over my dead wife. I’m just gonna forget about that for now, almost everyone in this small town in Indiana has moved for Oregon. I can’t believe the things I have heard about the trip, it still echos in this small wooden cabin. Back to the things I’ve heard about the trip,some wagon had gotten chased by a pack of indians on horses, another thing I’ve heard is that many jams have occurred due to stubborn mules. I plan to leave this empty town and the only…

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