Indiana Student Council

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The Indiana Association of Student Council, or IASC, is more than a statewide program for all the student councils within Indiana. IASC upholds the pillars of Inspiration, Action, Service, and Character, transforming ordinary students into remarkable leaders through the amazing conventions and camps they hold annually. I, Phillip Phan, am fortunate to be elected as a Northeast District Representative for the IASC Executive Committee. Being a part this committee has been life-changing thus far, in a similar SLI, or Student Leadership Institute, was this past summer. This picture of my family from SLI symbolizes the changes I have made as a camper, as a leader, as a person. Many students have the wrong perceptions of student council: it is for popular kids, it looks good on a college resume, the student body does not care about me. I was not the class president, the star athlete, or even popular. I once fell victims to these beliefs. I ran for a position on East Noble’s Student Council, with the same ambiguous mindset, and I was fortunate …show more content…
Our silliness expresses how comfortable we are with one another. Would I be interested in taking a frivolous picture with a stranger? Not exactly. Additionally, the left side of the picture displays a personal, internal conflict. To start off, I am a cross country runner, a swimmer, and obviously an Asian. It is difficult to maintain high self-esteem when I constantly hear people assume the stereotype that I am not strong or athletic. Carrying this five-foot-ten person, weighing one hundred and seventy pounds, is a way to show myself that I can overcome all odds. This family accepts who I am, and this picture is meaningful to me on a whole different level. Despite any disparities, we all have one another to lean on in times of trouble, and this picture is a constant reminder that I have people who will always support

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