International Student Jobs Essay

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about three US jobs are created and supported in the retail, dining, telecommunication, health insurance, transportation and higher education sector. In the House Speaker’s district in Ohio, 1,528 international students contributed about $56 million to the district’s local economy and made support to 837 jobs. And in Alabama the home state of Senator Jeff Sessions, about $183 million was contributed to the local economy by 7,451 international students who also supported about 2,064 jobs (McDaniel, P. 2014, November 19).
John Conant, the Economic department ISU chair has seen the financial impact that international students have in the school where he teaches. In Indiana State University, 8% of the student’s populations are international students and there are about 1000 of them. Those international students pay full tuition and add about $17 million to the schools budget for operations. Most of the students come with their families and live off campus thereby renting apartments and buying houses. They also shop at the Kroger and Walmart stores. This adds $23 million and about 300 jobs to the Terre Haute community where the university is located. A lot of jobs in the community are viable because of the spending of the international students.
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A research by J. lou and J-Drake published in the June issue of the journal of international students showed with statistical data how domestic students that interact with internationals have their intellectual and cultural environment enhanced and they leave college with a better world view and a set of life skills to help them adapt globally (Jarmul, D. 2013, June 5). Domestic students will reap huge benefits when they are provided with opportunities to interact

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