Effects Of Out Of State Tuition

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In the last 20 years tuition rates have increased for private and public universities. Tuition for private universities has risen 179%, in state tuition has increased 296% and out of state tuition has increased 226%. On average,tuition has risen 233% since 1995.Tuition in general is expensive, but why make out of state tuition even higher when only 40% of America is college educated?(Kelly, Andrew: “The Neglected..”) Out of state tuition makes going to college harder for many student because they can 't afford it, as well as preventing students to follow their dreams to the full, and it prevents a bigger exchange of ideas and cultures.
Out of state tuition makes going to school harder and more of a battlefield. It is more than double the
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Students who go out of state are more likely to take risk as a result of taking the risk of going to school far away. They see the results of that risk and are not afraid to take bigger risks in the future. Students who are don 't have that opportunity are more likely to be content with what is handed to them and do not strive to break limits and shatter glass ceilings. When students do take the risk of going to an out of state institution that they can 't afford or they struggle to afford they either get into more debt than they are able to pay off or the have to work more hours and neglect school and sleep, and their mental health just to stay in and pay for school. Both options are harmful and lousy in the long run. (Pielke, Roger, Jr. "The Problem) But how do we solve the problems that out of state tuition is causing? How do we make our students more readily equipped to take risks, follow their dreams and become financially stable? Getting rid of out of state

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