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The Truth About Santa Currently, the Postal Office has a program called “Letters from Santa”. This program allows parents send their children’s letters addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. They also send the response from Santa in the same envelope, and the Post Office return the response to the kids. In addition, the Postal Service has a program named “Operation Santa”, in which, many postal employees respond to the letters by providing a written response signed by Santa, while other Post Offices may work with local schools, municipalities and community groups who volunteer for this task. On December 22, 2009, the New York Times, Room for Debate section, published, “The United States Postal Service caused an outcry when it decided to …show more content…
Although parents do not have malicious purpose in teaching about the real existence of Santa Claus, it will be always a lie. Why do not be clear about that. It is most valuable to be honest and speak the truth about all aspects of life. The best way to build children’s trust in their parents is to speak truth with them; despite what they see around, they will receive the information that parents give them. One of the greatest heritages the kids can receive from their parents is …show more content…
When the children play pretending, they are exercising the evolutionarily crucial human ability to envision alternative ways the world could be. As Alison Gopnik said, “Children will happily engage in the lovely pretend game about Santa Claus, without necessarily thinking he is real. That sort of play is one of the great joys as well as benefits of childhood.” According to Jean Piaget, the famous Swiss developmental psychologist, the preoperational stage, second stage of cognitive development, last from approximately from two to seven years of age. Preoperational thought is more symbolic than sensorimotor though. In preschool years, children begin to represent their world with words, images, and drawings. Therefore, it is common that children love believing in Santa Claus, and writing letters to him, and receive a response will be an exciting experience to them. Parents do not need to play the Santa Claus pretending game, to encourage the children to have a good behavior during the year. Parents that encourage the children to write letters to Santa know that it is an awesome tradition to follow each year with their children.
However, kids that believe the gifts that they receive in the Christmas morning are from Santa Claus will not appreciate their parents’ effort and sacrifice they made in providing them. On other hand, the kids that know their parents give them the gifts will appreciate

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