Ghost In A Christmas Carol

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The most important character among three Christmas ghosts in A Christmas Carol Christmas Carol was an influent novel which was written by Charles Dickens throughout one and half century about a life of Ebenezer Scrooge as a negative, penny-pinching and distasteful man in London. No one had ever wished to work as an employee in his office after his best business partner Jacob Marley died except Bob Cratchit. Nothing in the world would scare Scrooge if it wasn’t about the gold coins. The man, who used to be a heartless person, had changed in just a few nights before Christmas Eve coming. At this point, we must be thankful to three Christmas Ghosts which demonstrated Scrooge life’s faults and gave him a chance to change his bad …show more content…
He was sitting on top of the gifts with Christmas outfit on his body. “Come in and know me better, man!” The Ghost had taken Scrooge to where he had not determined as it was his clerk house, Bob. Scrooge noticed on little Tiny Tim and was becoming heartbroken after knowing that this little son of Bob was not going to attend on the next Christmas forever because his family could not afford to heal him without sufficient money on medical. The Christmas of Present Ghost was resisted by using Scrooge word against him in order to let him know that his word was cruel and killing people indirectly. “If he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population, exclaimed the spirit.” The next journey was in Scrooge nephew’s home where many people celebrated Merry Christmas together. Scrooge was amazed at first, but he was fallen into a sorrow after he confused and over watched his niece in a positive way. In this situation, the Ghost of Christmas Present successfully melt Scrooge feeling by admire Fred as a cheerful person. Before the time of Christmas Present was gone, the Spirit was forceful, tearing toward Scrooge by the last lesson in order to confirm that he would correct his mistakes and dismissed his end as a Jacob Marley. “This boy is Ignorance. This girl is want. Beware them both, and all their degree, but most of all beware this unless the writing is erased. Deny it, Cried the

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