Indiana University Education Case Study

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The American educational system is constantly up for debate; citizens and politicians alike discuss improvements to be made on how to educate the nation’s youth, how government funds should be allocated towards education, and how America’s educational system is falling behind other industrialized nations. In our society today, students face a multitude of factors that can ultimately decide their post-secondary education. Among these include a student’s transition from high school to college, the cost of college in comparison to universities abroad, and the difference between attending a traditional higher education university and attending a professional school. Furthermore, with the average annual increase in college tuition being nearly 260% …show more content…
In this case debrief, our group will be assessing the issues stated before, and how they relate to Indiana University as a whole, the Indiana University community, and what improvements the university can implement to make the learning experience of the students better.
Indiana University prides itself on being the largest university in Indiana that provides innovation, creativity, and academic-freedom to its students. However, for this goal to be accomplished high student enrollment is essential, which is why this case impacts Indiana University. After high school, students weigh the decision of attending traditional higher education institutions or going straight into professional schools. Attending a traditional higher education institution allows a student “to practice analytical thinking and communicate well in written and oral modes, to frame issues in historical and multicultural contexts, to work independently and in team settings, to assume both vocational and civic roles and responsibilities, and to apply their knowledge and skills in complex problem-solving in an evermore complex and rapidly changing world” (Shinn, 2014, p. 10). These skills and abilities are the ones that employers seek today, and they are what separates a student attending a traditional university and the student that goes

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