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  • The Dream In Hawaii

    Before 1922, Waikiki was described as duck ponds, rice paddies, and swampland. Lucius E. Pinkam was a president of the Territorial Board of Health and he wanted to build Waikiki to be a beautiful and unique district. After the first project name Ala Wai canal, the appearance of Waikiki was totally changed. The people from another place were moving to Waikiki and the number of residents living in Waikiki increase rapidly. After that, a lot of luxury hotel brand came to Waikiki such as Royal…

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  • Limiting Factors Affect Seahorse Population

    to nothing. To allow for each animal—seahorse or other animal that eats shrimp or plankton—to collect enough food, the population of each must be distributed throughout different areas and populations of the ocean. Crustaceans, sting rays and some fish are predators to seahorses. The number of these species in an area of seahorses affects how many seahorses will survive in their habitat. However, predator-prey relationships between these different species have a cause and effect relationship as…

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  • Effects Of Shrimp Aquaculture

    abandonment of several aquaculture ponds [29]. In many countries, the conversion of mangrove ecosystems into brackish aquaculture ponds has occurred which all had significant mangrove resources [88]. In contradiction, sustainability and productivity of fish and shrimp aquaculture are often dependent on the provision of mangrove goods (e.g. fry and brood stock) and (e.g. erosion control and water quality maintenance) [132]. The most explicit impact of shrimp aquaculture is the destruction of…

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  • The Great Catch Essay

    What provision and overflow! Look closely because he didn’t stop there! As soon as they had come to land they saw a fire of coals there and fish laid on it and bread. Jesus said to them bring some of the fish which you have just caught. Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Jesus then came and took the bread and gave it to them and likewise the fish. If you remember when Jesus asked the question do you children have any food? He knew they wouldn’t need it anyway because he had already…

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  • Sea Turtle Research Paper

    Sea turtles are among the most extraordinary, charismatic and fascinating creatures, and are some of the world’s greatest nomads, sometimes navigating thousands of miles between feeding and nesting grounds. They are long-lived animals, having a complex life history, low reproductive capacity due to high juvenile mortality rates, and they travel long distances and thus encounter many fishing operations, making them vulnerable to overexploitation and fishing mortality (Spotila, 2004). Five…

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  • Theme Of Self Discovery In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

    A fish, confined to the small waters of a round glass bowl, encompasses something much larger than itself. The same as a tiger, unrestrained, roaming the vast jungle. And the same as a human. Every living thing must meet some form of an end. Whether this pause is believed to be peaceful and positive or painful and agonizing is based upon experience; nevertheless, it is an inevitable limit that is one day attained by all. Siddhartha, a book of self discovery by author Hermann Hesse,…

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  • International Trade In Endangered Species Of The Great White Shark

    Current conservation In view of the difficulties faced in conservation, different international parties held measurement to protect the Great White Shark from extinction. The CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is the most popular international agreement in the world. It is not protecting those endangered species only, but also many wildlife species because it makes sure the sustainable development of the trade in order to safeguard the…

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  • The Hydr The Ancient Greek Myth

    The Hydra You have just taken a hike through the woods and then you discover a salt water lake. Seeing a strange portal, curious, you swim towards it. You go on to the miniscule island that the portal is on. As you start to get near the portal a thick fog starts to form and you can’t see anything. The ground starts to tremble at your feet as a gigantic figure rises from the shadows. As the gigantic shadow looms over you it starts to stomp towards you, you are about to fall down as it gets…

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  • Great White Shark Essay

    sharks go for the weaker and sick prey so they won't have to work hard. By doing that they leave the healthy and efficient fish to reproduce and pass their healthy and efficient genes. Sharks not only maintain other species but also serves as indicators of how healthy a part of the ocean is. If there are no sharks in an ecosystem then there would be no regulators to kill bad fish and overpopulation among other species would occur. Normally the Great White tends to spend its time alone and…

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  • Black Max Vs Shakespeare

    Fishing is a sport that requires the skills and equipment to do it successfully. One piece of equipment is the reel. The reel is the back bone in any fishing rig. It is the most important part of fishing because without it you could not effectively catch fish. There are many distinct brands out there that offer reels for a fairly good price and are decent reels. Two common names in the reel industry are Abu Garcia and Shakespeare. Abu Garcia produces a low profile baitcaster, the Black Max,…

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