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  • Who Is A Fish In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Why do you suppose two Betta fish always fight when placed into a bowl of water? It could be inferred to be a territorial instinct, or probably a way to fight for mates, but whichever way you look at it, they always seem to fight when placed together. Beta fish, much like people, can sometimes fight for similar reasons, but sometimes it can be for more personal reasons like religion or values. In Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, he tells the story of an eighteenth century African…

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  • Family Wrasses Essay

    The Family Labridae is a massive family of fishes (trumped only by gobies). Some of these fishes, commonly known as wrasses, are amongst the perennial favorites in the marine aquarium industry. Chances are that if you remain involved with marine aquaria for any length of time, you will eventually come to own a wrasse. Here are the basics of this diverse and extraordinary family of fishes. Wrasses can be found throughout the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific in both temperate and tropical seas. Many…

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  • Baiji River Dolphin Conservation Case Study

    of traffic with all the boats and ships circulating, which can bring up unwanted noises and boat strikes. Another factor that has lead to the pollution in the Yangtze River is the construction of dams. Building dams has lead to a decrease in the fish population, which therefore leads a decrease in the dolphin population. The last documented sighting of the Baiji Dolphin was in 2002. Other settings have been claimed since then, but they lack physical evidence. The scarcity and absence of…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Bullhead Catfish

    time I had a ten-gallon fish tank that I liked to put fish in. I never had good luck with goldfish and gave up. Although occasionally, I would put a few small bass or bluegill from our pond in it.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Fish Of One Thousand Casts

    The Fish of One Thousand Casts Ever since I was little I had dreamed of catching a Muskie. I had caught several species of fish, anywhere from a little bluegill in a nearby pond, to a red snapper while deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. But at the start of 2017 I set a personal goal to catch a Muskie from my kayak. I did extensive research on this odd fish, just to try and figure out why it was so difficult to catch one. I would sometimes fish for many days and nights in the nearby lakes…

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  • The Distinct Differences Between Goldfish And Koi

    you looking to build a pond in your garden and want to fill it with koi or do you have a small fish tank in your living room that you're looking to stock? Either way, it's important that you know the differences in your options. You probably already know that koi carp are not the right fish to slip into that small indoor tank, but what are the other distinct differences between the two types of fish? Their Size & Cost There are plenty of arguments as to whether keeping goldfish is an…

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  • Personal Narrative-Mucky Creek

    balls, “splat!,” the muck hit me in the face. Fish swimming between our toes. Finding hidden treasures. Jumping over rocks, stepping in the sand and especially having fun running our bare feet through the mucky water. And especially swinging moss around like a lasso so we could hit each other in the face. Action paragraph 1: “Yuck!,” why did you throw mud in my hair? My sister and I were having a mud fight, playing in the creek with the frogs, fish, and snakes. We were also searching for…

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  • Descriptive Christmas House Research Paper

    As we crest the hill we look down on our city covered in thick fog. The sun breaks the horizon filling the world with warm morning light. As we reach the lake the sound of frogs and waterfowl echo through the morning air. We fish for a solid 4 hours catching a total of 20 fish. As we move spots the sound of a truck stops us in our tracks we turn around to see a green and yellow lights engulfed in dust speeding towards us. My friend runs I put down my rod and wait for the punishment. For some…

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  • The Importance Of Death In A Christmas Carol

    “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim” says Vicki Harrison, the author of Dressed to Thrill. Learning to swim is something that almost anyone can accomplish. Much like swimming in the ocean, no matter how overwhelming it can become, everyone can learn to cope with their grief. For the main character in A Christmas Carol, however, he strives to take on his grief without learning…

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  • Characteristics And Basics Of A Malayan Box Turtle

    1) Malayan Box Turtle (Cuora amboinensis kamaroma) Description Origins: Mainland Indochina (South and Central Vietnam, southern Laos & Cambodia), Thailand (Phang Nga Province etc.), Singapore and mainland Malaysia. Size: 5 to 12 inches long (depending on the subspecies) Lifespan: Typically an average of 50 years but reportedly up to 150 years Malayan Box Turtles are responsive and active pets. Pet owners will find it appealing as this species prefers staying in the water instead of basking and…

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