Platypus Alternate Ending

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Platypus was swimming one day on the river. He saw a flock of ducks and went to say hi. “Hi” platypus said. “Hi loser” one of ducks called out. “Hey I'm not a loser” platypus replied. “Yeah you are your just not cool. You don't even have a bill like us. You can talk with us when your cool.” Platypus was shocked. He couldn't believe he wasn't cool. “I’ll get a bill” platypus told himself “no matter what.” Platypus went on shore and thought how he could get a bill. “Hey you” platypus heard. Platypus turned around to see fox. “Here take this and use mud from the river to attach it to yourself.” Fox gave platypus a bill. So platypus went down to the river and put some mud on the bill and attached it to his face. Platypus went down to the ducks. “Am I cool now?
“Yeah you can totally hang out with us.” So platypus and the ducks admired their beaks until the ducks had to go.
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“Ok, thanks” platypus went down to the river. He decided that his ankles were the best places to attach them. With his new barbs he decided to go find his friends. “Sick spikes dude” alligator said.
“Yeah that's sick” pelican pitched in. “So am I cool now” platypus asked. “Definitely bro” alligator answered. Platypus and his friends spent the rest of the day hanging out and showing off how cool they were. When the sun was beginning to set and platypus told his friends “I've gotta go before it gets dark.”
“Ok dude” crocodile said.
“Yeah see you tomorrow”, pelican waved. Platypus scampered away heading for home. “Hey mom I'm home.” “Hi sweetie ” his mom began..... She froze staring at her son. What is that on your mouth a bill!”
“Yeah the ducks think it's cool.”
“Well good for them!” And what happened to your tail!”
“It’s flat now like beaver’s”
“Oh well if whatever beaver thinks is OBVIOUSLY correct isn't it.”What are those on your ankles!” “There spikes, aren't they cool” platypus said

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