Henry And Ribsy Summary

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4th Book Report
Henry and Ribsy was written by Beverly Cleary. This fiction book has 187 pages. Henry is a friendly boy with a dog named Ribsy who lives on Klickitat Street. One day Henry and his dad went to the Service Station, Henry got to ride up in the car on a grease rack. While Henry was up on the grease rack a policeman pulled up and he went into the store. Once the policeman had gone into the store Ribsy got the police man's lunch and ate it. When the police man came out he chased Ribsy and found out there was no more food left. A few days later Henry asked if he could go salmon fishing. His dad said if he kept Ribsy out of trouble he would be able to go on the fishing trip. When it was time to go salmon fishing he got to go. Henry,

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