Analysis: The Tire Iron And The Tamale

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“We as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.”
I agree that we should be accepting to people different than ourselves. At time it can be very hard to do this and sometimes we don't even realize what we are doing to the person's feelings. For the other person this can be very hard on them. We need to take the time before we say something to think about whether or not it is going to crush this person. In The Tire Iron and The Tamale it wasn't what people did to the man it was what they didn't do. He was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and he had no means of getting the tire off. Out of everyone that could have stopped immigrants did. Before he had an opinion about immigrants and just
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The wife in the beginning couldn't love her husband any more. He was a precious gem to her. She later found out that he had reverse werewolfism and became a werewolf during the day. When she caught him turning he turned around and tried to get her and her kids. She let out a cry and her sister came to the rescue and bit down on him. He tried running away but they caught up to him and before the wife even got to see him he was dead. If they had accepted the fact that this happens to him they might have been able to cure him or at least get him out of the town before it happens. They were not willing to accept him and he died because of …show more content…
A young boy is trying to become famous and is going around house to house filming people. He finally gets to a house with this grumpy old man inside that answers the door. The man hated people knocking on his door in the first place let alone being filmed. The boy had seen a goldfish in the man's house and got excited and went right into this man's house. This aggravated the man even more and he told the kid it was just a normal goldfish and to shut the camera off. He told the boy to leave but he would not. He was filming the fish and the man thought that he was trying to steal his fish. He grabbed the burner of of the stove and whacked him over the head with it. The fish began to speak and said there is no reason to bring that boy to the hospital he is dead. The fish was a magic fish and he was aloud three wishes. He had already spent two and he did not want to use the next one because the fish was his only friend. He would spend hours talking to the fish about anything but he had to. There was no other choice. He spent his wish and brought the boy back to life. If the man had been more understanding and willing to accept him he wouldn't have killed the boy and had to spend his wish. This proves that you shouldn't just assume what someone is going to do or it could lead to a tragic

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