Sharing In The Rainbow Fish

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Have you ever thought about what you are really reading? Well today I’m going to talk to you about the book rainbow fish. Making people happy and sharing is easy. the book “rainbow fish” theme is sharing can bring more happiness that just keeping it all to yourself.
My first topic sentence is sharing. Sharing is good to do. You will receive more friends and less haters. If you keep everything to yourself no one will like you as it was shown in the book. The general idea of this book is sharing should mean more to you than receiving. In the book the little blue fish wanted 1 of the rainbows fish scales but he was being selfish and said no and swam away. He noticed everyone was not liking and interested in him anymore. He went to several different
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The examples explain about sharing. In the beginning, he would not share with all the other fishes and they started to dislike him because he was being selfish by keeping it all for himself. Towards the end of the book he realized he was wrong for doing that and went back and shared again with his friends. As the book shows you, sharing is easy, and fun to do. You make more friends by being nice. After he shared al the fishes liked him.
My second topic sentence is selfishness. In the book the rainbow fish was being selfish by not sharing his scales with the other fish. Since this was his decision all the fish started to dislike him. In the book a fish asked him for 1 of his rainbow scales. But the selfish fish said no and swam away. He realized how he was being mean and selfish so he went to multiple people for help. The answer was sharing his scales with the other fish. He did just that, and the fish liked him again. When the little blue fish asked for just one of the scales the rainbow fish said no and swam away. By doing that it made the little blue fish upset and then all the rest of the
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He got what he deserved for being rude and selfish. As you see in this book if you share then you will receive more friends. He was being selfish in the beginning of the book but he noticed and made up for his mistake by sharing with all his friends.
My third topic sentence is friendship. Just think if you don’t have friends you will have no one to talk to, you will be all alone. I know I would not want to be all alone with no friends. In this story, it shows friendship a lot. In the beginning of the book he would not share his scales because he was being selfish. If he did not make up for saying no the fishes would probably not have become his friends again. When he would not share with the other fishes they all got upset and mad. They were not going to be his friend again because of the rainbow fish choices. But then he gave everyone his scales then they were his friend again. this is important because if he would not have shared at the end of the book then he would not had been friends with him. He would have kept being ignored. Therefore, friendship is key so you will have someone to look to for help or someone to talk to whenever you need too. People take friend ship for

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