Personal Narrative: Elizabeth's Journey

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Elizabeth’s Journey

Mother and Father stop in front of a dock with crashing waves hitting the side. I crash into them knocking all of my stuff out of my hands, I look up slowly regaining my balance. My jaw drops when I look up not only do I see the waves crashing and people running here and there, knocking people over, and see people make way for the wealthy. I gawked a colossal ship standing in front of me settling in the water, the ship that is to take me to New York, from Southampton. My mother hands me my ticket and a little bit of money.

“ We will miss you my dear Elizabeth.” Father whispered with a tear rolling down his face.
“ I will miss you too!” I reply to my father and mother.
“ Promise that you will write to us everyday”
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I make my way to the 3rd class cabin. On my way down I see “ 2 barber shops, 2 libraries, 3 galleries, 1 fully equipped gymnasium” (“Titanic Facts”). I find my cabin and settle in. “ After brief stops in Cherbourg and Queenstown she turned her head to the Atlantic ocean” (“Encyclopedia Titanica”) the radio sounds. I shut the radio off, I can’t listen to that knowing I am gone from my family. I open my book that my mother packed me and inside I see a picture of them smiling with me. I start to cry while flipping through the book. I see a section that has all kinds of information about the ship I am on, that my father inserted. “26.1 meters- the length of the Titanic” ( “Titanic Facts”). I wipe the tears off of my cheek and stand up suddenly. I creak open the door to my cabin and begin to walk out …show more content…
Another crew member picks me up and drops me behind an older lady, she is also crying but very silently. I notice that there is no more room in the lifeboats. I start trying to think as quickly as I can I am shaking terrified but I have to focus. I don’t want to jump and freeze to death,but I also don’t want to go down with the ship, before I can make a decision a man picks me up and throws me off, people push a lifeboat under me and I sit down, thankful I am safe. We all watch the Titanic start to sink, listening to “Musicians play for two hours and five minutes and the ship sank” (“Titanic: 40 fascinating facts about the ship”). Another ship named Carpathia pulls up to help all us get out of the freezing water. They drop us off at “54- pier in New York City” (“ Titanic Facts”). All I could think was how could it have ended on my trip to New

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