Titanic Unsinkable Essay

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The Titanic: The Unsinkable.

The Titanic was “the most magical and astounding place in the world.” The White Star Line had multiple rivals who tried to beat them by building a ship that is better and faster. The only thing White Star Line could do was prove their company was worthy of ship building. They made the Titanic which derived from Greek meaning gigantic. RMS Titanic was completed in in the beginning of April and it was the most exotic boat anyone could lay their eyes on. The Titanic was like one of the seven wonders of the world until the massive boat hit an iceberg and the unsinkable boat became sinkable. The designer of the boat, Thomas Andrews, stated the Titanic was the safest ship anyone could step foot on. He didn’t know what
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The first class passengers could go anywhere on the ship, while the second and the third class passengers were restricted to certain parts of the ship. Parts that could be blocked off by locked gates or other barriers so the second and third class could not take part in first class activities or boarding. The upper, middle, and lower class people rarely came into contact with each other and if they did they never socialized with one another. The social inequality led to certain categories of people more likely to survive than others. However, husbands and brothers rushed and brought their family of women and children first to the lifeboats. Therefore, a large amount of women and children were saved on the Titanic. But other than that, it was up to them to save themselves. The biggest tragedy among the ship was the crew. A motto of staying together and helping the other passengers before themselves led to a significantly large amount of crew dying. The stewards, cooks, engineers, postal-workers, and even the entire band went down in the big sink. The only crew members that were believed to be the only ones to make it out alive were the crew managing the lifeboats. 0verall, the only thought most passengers had was their dear ones had gone down with the big White Star liner and there was nothing else that could have been done to prepare them for this big sink. A lot of people were forced …show more content…
Their significant loss count was a little greater than the first class at, 285 on board only twenty-four women and children were lost while 166 men perished on the great sink. More than the first but less than the third class. The third class took the highest number of casualties on the Titanic that day. As stated before the loss of the third class could have been where they were situated for living space because third class was mainly immigrants on their way to American to start a new life. Third class made up 710 of the passengers among the ship. However, the fatalities for women and children were larger than first class and second class combined. The lives lost of women and children were 119 while men hit the mark at 417. It was safe to say that if the passengers who made it out alive were women and children who were rich. The men took roll of being a hero and sacrificing their lives to safe their families. It was an honorable thing to do but it wouldn’t have happened if there were enough lifeboats for everyone to get on safely and if the lifeboats were at full capacity. One lifeboat made a point and had gone back to grab any surviving passengers out of the freezing water. They made an effort to save anyone they can at that

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