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  • Examples Of Whaling Should Be Banned Essay

    Imagine minding your own business swimming through the ocean and out of nowhere you are speared with a large harpoon or tangled in the constriction of a net. This is a big problem that’s happening all around the world to whales, and the term most commonly used to describe it as “Whaling”. This act of violence needs to be recognized, and action needs to be taken to stop this cruelty before we totally wipe out the whole whale species. “Whaling is still carried out by Japan, Norway and Iceland, who…

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  • Blue Poison Frog

    Dendrobates tinctorius "azureus" is a medium-sized frog that weighs about 8 grams and grows to 3.0-4.5 cm in length. Females are larger and about half a centimeter longer than males, but males have larger toes. The frog has a typical lifespan of five to seven years in the wild. Its bright blue skin, usually darker around its limbs and stomach, serves as a warning to predators. The glands of poisonous alkaloids located in the skin serve as a defense mechanism to potential predators. These poisons…

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  • Summary: The Great Barracuda

    Body structure and Symmetry Description The sphydrena barracuda also known as the Great Barracuda is described as a large fish usually around 50-110 lbs. The Great Barracuda has a silver and round body with dark patches. They are also known to have lighter side bands. Their mouth has an interesting feature with very sharp teeth and a large underslung jaw. They also have widely separated dorsal fins. The Great Barracuda has a bilateral symmetry ( Habitat Description The Great…

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  • Dumbo Octopus Research Paper

    Did you know that Dumbo Octopus is located at the bottom of every ocean in the world? The Dumbo Octopus is located in the deep depths in oceans, and rarely gets any sunlight since it lives so deep. The Dumbo Octopus is rarely seen, and that’s why only very few people know about it. Dumbo Octopuses live in the deep depths in the New Zealand, Australia, Monterey Bay in California, in the waters of Oregon and the Philippines, as well as Papua, and New Guinea. The Dumbo Octopus lives in the depths…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Similarities Between Hunting And Fishing

    Although hunting and fishing has changed a good deal over time, the essential spirit is similar just like my grandfather’s day. It’s true that hunting gear products are more effective. You’ll find warmer clothes, better gear, and-tech monitoring equipment. You possibly can make fishing and hunting as high-tech as you wish, really. You’ll be able to sea food with sonar where you can begin to see the feet from the ocean, or search with infrared scopes. For me, however, I like hunting and fishing…

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  • Essay On Blue Crabs

    Some foods that it eats are mussels, snails, fish, plants, carrion (decaying flesh), and other Blue Crabs. This crustacean eats by grabbing their food with their claws and moving to their mouths. Next, the Blue Crab has a mouth that processes food. Once the food particles are small enough, the food…

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  • Round Goby Research Paper

    However when it is, a small toad-like pest called a round goby can devastate you greatly. The many different capabilities and adaptations this fish possess makes it a major threat to the bodies of water it has entered. The round goby or Neogobius melanostomus was introduced to the Great lakes from ballast waters of ships (Protect your waters para. 1). These fish are becoming a major problem due to their ability to reproduce at a quick rate (Protect your waters para. 6). The fins of a round goby…

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  • Salinity In Shrimp

    My science fair project is: what is the effect of salinity levels on ghost shrimp? My hypothesis to that question is that all of the shrimp in the first cup, that had no salt, would all survive, the majority of the shrimp of the second cup, that had three pieces of salt, would die and about half of the shrimp in the third cup, that only had one piece of salt, would survive. My science fair project lasted for six days, and during those six days, the salinity levels and the shrimp proved my theory…

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  • Eco Column Lab Report

    phosphorus cycle, etc. My hypothesis for this experiment was that the terrestrial habitat would support the aquatic habitat by transmitting nutrients and other abiotic necessities, I also thought that the fish would survive and that my terrestrial plant would be better for wear instead the fish died and the plant ended up looking very droopy. The purpose of this experiment was to better understand the relationship between terrestrial…

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  • Quagga Research Paper

    Large piles of Cladophora can be found washed up on the shores of beaches after it dies (NOAA, n.d.). Harmful bacteria are trapped within these piles which can harm humans and wildlife (NOAA, n.d.). A native shrimp-like organism that great lake fish have been dependent on is experiencing a dramatic reduction in populations in Lake Michigan, notably at corresponding with the invasive quagga mussel population’s expansion…

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