Personal Narrative Essay On Fishing

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There is an old saying, finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, I have never had to try to find a needle in a haystack, but I have had to find an anchor on the bottom of the lake until I went fishing with Jon Mans.
It was a bright sunny day in the middle of July. Jon Mans and I were headed to the lake, where we would meet our football coach, Jimmy, to go fishing. Even though we arrived at the lake well before Jimmy, we got my 14-foot camo Alumacraft the trailer. Additionally, the boat was hooked up to my silver Chevy Silverado, which reflected the sunlight it almost blinded us. The lake looked like glass, it was calm and serene. The lake also had a greenish blue color, which was pretty good for July. Usually, the lakes are really green
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As I pulled the rope, it did not catch and my elbow smoked Jon underneath his jaw like he just took a right hook in a boxing match. At that moment, we heard a small splash, I turned to Jon to ask what that splash was. …show more content…
Next, I hopped out, tied the rope onto a cement cinder block, grabbed two life jackets and the small fishing net. Ultimately, the water was cool at first, like jumping into a cold shower on a hot day. Additionally, the shore was a mixture of sharp jagged rocks and smooth rounded rocks. Furthermore, the smooth round rocks were slippery and mossy, as I walked across the bottom using the net for support. On the other hand, the sharp jagged rocks felt similar to walking across gravel without shoes. Once the water was knee deep, I swam so I did not have to walk across the rocks. Finally, I got to Jon and pushed his life jacket to him across the top water, like a piece of cardboard floating. Straightaway, I gave Jon the net to search along the bottom, since I was taller than him. At this instant, I held my breath and dunked under the water to use my feet to search the bottom. After half an hour without any luck and a few false alarms, I asked Jimmy to use his 6-foot black fiberglass paddle. He gave me the paddle knowing that it would take away his

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